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    hmmm well, I dunno then maybe Hasbro has rogue 1:6 scale fashion designers on staff. Thank god for RIT fabric dye.
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    Wow! What a great wave! I'll be getting all of these except Luke (just cant spend $20 on a new head sculpt).

    I dig the ewoks, and I'm happy to see that they didn't just repack Wicket with another ewok. The Yoda & Biker look excellent IMO, can't wait to get 'em!

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    The Biker Scout is the only one of this series I'll be picking up. Long over due, but better late then never.
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    Isn't that the exact same Luke Jedi as before? (with a new head sculpt)

    That Yoda does look pretty good. I'll be interested to see his articulation. It looks like his right hand has a little hole where the lightning can attach.

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    Thank the Lord they're releasing the Biker Scout!!! Yeah! Target never had a Scout w/Bike when I was looking for them, and secondary market prices are the pits.

    The Ewoks -- it's Logray and ____? -- look very nice as well, for Ewoks. I'm not high on Ewoks, either, but I'll be getting these, if I can find them at retail.

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    Originally posted by jblodgett
    Isn't that the exact same Luke Jedi as before? (with a new head sculpt)
    he'll most likely have the same body as the new anakin, with the "post" sticking out of his back for the "swinging saber action".

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    SWEET, definately getting Yoda and the biker scout, hope Yoda isn't to hard to find.

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    It is about time we get a 12" Yoda with a ligtsaber. And the Biker Scout has always been one of my favorite troops. The Ewoks are not my favorites either, but necessary for completeness in the line.

    I may not buy them, though, I am still boycotting Hasbro. I am buying lots of Toybiz with the money Hasbro COULD be making though.
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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    I really like the fact that they are putting out the 12" biker scout. Yoda is looking mean and green! Fall release you say? Saving up my pennies and dimes!
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    I am just picking up the Ewoks ! Those are absolutly great. I already have 2 Jedi Lukes and the Bikerscout. Yoda is not bad but i don't like him in the new films...


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