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    These all look nice.

    Luke - I just started collecting 12" figs late last year and this will be my first shot at getting him at retail. This looks nice

    Ewoks - They look neat. Depends on the price

    Biker Scout - Sweet! I've been bidding & bidding on eBay trying to get the Target version & now I don't have to waste my $$$

    Yoda - Looks ok. The accessories look sweet, but to my eyes the cloak looks white. Shouldn't be tan?

    Overall, can't wait to see these in stores!

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    The only 12" I've ever bought was the previous Scout Trooper with Speeder Bike from Target. Looks like I'm going for #2! Can't wait!

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    Those ewoks look really . . .well . .. realistic! The Biker Scout is just beautimus and Yoda ...looks like it's arse kicking time from him! YAAAA BOYYYEEEE!

    Luke I could do without since I wasn't impressed with the first one they made.
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    Luke Looks pretty decent.

    The Ewoks aren't too bad.....

    The Biker Scout looks great....

    Yoda looks like turdcakes......
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    I'll definatly get the Biker Scout and Yoda. Luke is just a remade version of the previous 12" Luke, I already seen and bought it. I'm not a big Ewok fan so I'll pass on them.
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    This is a super-strong wave!

    I'll probably be getting everything but Luke, since I have an extra 12" Luke boxed now (saved to put opposite a Mara Jade 12" I've been holding my breath for).

    The Ewoks are great! I love Ewoks and the "death's head fellow" is one I've wanted in the 3 3/4" collection for a long time. At least Hasbro saw the coolest looking one (who you can see as Leia discovers her friends have been captured as offerings to the Ewok "God" C-3PO).

    The Bikerscout could be useful as I'm not sure what I'll do with Princess Leia's bike, as I'd like to put both her and Luke on 1 bike since you could have difficulty doing that with the 3 3/4" ones (older versions that blow apart anyway).

    Yoda looks awesome. I wished they showed whether you can pose him ready to double-handle his lightsaber! I love that pose as he prepares to battle Darth Tyranus!

    What a solid wave though! The 12" line is looking pretty good for the year's end, I'll say!
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    You know, it's funny to read that people thought Lukes vest was
    black when it was (to me at least) clearly grey. I saw it 1st hand
    & have production stills that show it to be... "light black"...
    aka... grey!


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    Huh, I always though it was black too. You wouldn't happen to have a pic you could post would you? I was planning on eventually customizing mine to the correct color.


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    I like the looks of this wave a lot. Especially the Yoda and biker scout. Looking forward to seeing these at retail!

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    Looks like hasbro has finally made a smart move by releasing much wanted figures, especially the biker scout. Although I won't be getting one, I'm sure it will sell well.
    I've been wanting a prequel yoda since '99, now, and I've wanted more ewoks ever since I got wicket years ago! Is that supposed to be teebo with logray? I can't tell with the lighting.


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