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    I'm not that excited about this wave. Jedi Luke doesn't look better than the Bib/Luke version so I'll pass and keep my first Luke Jedi. Biker Scout is a pass for me too. I got the speeder bike Biker Scout and they really can't improve that fig. However I'm psyched that those that missed out on these two figures in the rarer versions now get a chance to get them! Yoda is really no big deal to me, pass. The Ewoks are my big interest. Can't wait to get those.
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    This does look like a solid wave...HOWEVER....

    I wish Hasbro would just do two more Luke figures in the same way they did the 100th Luke (ANH). It would be worth it to have an "Ultimate" Jedi Luke that came with all the relevant accessories ( I really like the 3 interchangable hands regular, one "battle-blasted" one gloved...that derek suggested)...the rancor bone, the cuffs, the lightsaber with removable blade, the cloak, the X-Wing outfit (with Helmet) & with the best, most posable body Hasbro has. A figure packaged like that would most definately sell (I NEVER saw the 100th Luke sitting around for long...and the Ultimate Jango moved pretty well too). After the release of EpIII they could go back and complete the OT Luke issue by doing a ESB Ultimate version with all the ESB crates/kit/lamp. pistol. lightsaber, jacket, Vader helmet with removable faceplate revealing Luke, a couple of small swamp creatures and some handsome packaging and bam! They could be doing this character some true justice for both kids and collectors. It beats just re-issuing (for the third time no less!) the same figure with a new head sculpt (is it just me or are the head sculpts of the classic characters looking LESS like the actors than ever or what?) and a tiny new accessory (gads! hope those cuffs don't break the bank!).....

    As for the Biker is a popular Imperail that should have never been "just" an exclusive and if they do some nice "dirty" detailing, they can make a near-perfect figure even better...we'll see.

    The Ewoks....hey, I'll get sent to the Spice Mines of Kessel for this, but I LIKE the furry li' critters, so more figures of 'em is fine by me....they look pretty good too.

    Now the Yoda....what is it with some characters and the coloring in this scale? Watto was WAAAAY too blue, Sebulba was much too purple and this Yoda looks far too green. I also think the cloak is too brite white. We'll see....maybe this will be another case of the pictures not giving us the whole finished look. We'll find out in the fall I guess.....

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    Scored the Scout wave, best wave since Zuckuss!

    Picked up the Scout case from my local EE on Thursday along with the new 3.75 Luke and Vader wave ( very cool wave of figures).Anyways, I have to say this is the best wave since Zuckuss came along. The Scout and Yoda are awesome, Luke and Ewoks are cool, not the best, but just cool. The Ewoks need a pant job by Doc, to get the chocalate bunny look off, When I first saw them I thought of a boxed chocalate easter bunny. Nice wave of figures and no I have not opened them. Still debating to get rid of my extra Yoda, but if anyone wants Luke he's yours.

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    Any changes to the Biker Scout from the previous release? ie Different body or something
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exhaust Port
    Any changes to the Biker Scout from the previous release? ie Different body or something

    i don't have him yet, but from the photos i've seen he has new gloves and is on the joe body.

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    Well, I just bit the bullet and ordered up a case of this asst. from EE.

    I am really trying to avoid big ticket purchases ($100 and up) for the next few months because I'd like to put some money away and pay the credit card off, but I knew if I didn't do it now, I might not be able to procure these guys later.

    I just REALLLY wish 2 Biker Scouts were being packed to this case instead of 2 Lukes. I have a feeling the Scouts are going to be tough to come by at a decent price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exhaust Port
    Any changes to the Biker Scout from the previous release? ie Different body or something
    Looks like there are some differences.;f=11;t=000439

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    Here's what a collector said about the wave linked above.


    posted 07-09-2003 09:02 PM *** **

    Lets start with the Ewoks.
    The Ewok are good figures. They are all plastic they use the same bodies but not the same body that was used for Wicket. The sculpting is nice it sin't as detailed in teh fingers as Wicket but it's decent. The stripes painted on Logray I believe it is supposed to be are a little light but OK. The head dress feel removable but I didn't pull hard enough to find out. Accessories are good he comes with his staff and there are a couple interchangable accessories the pouch that hangs over the shouldr is plastic but decorated nicely. The other one was a littel disappointing only because the leather that covers the head is molded plastic and is molded as one piece with the head. Not an actual leather hood like Wicket. The paint jobs at the eyes and hands are good as the other and it looks good. The belt and pouch are plastic and the pouch isn't painted and weathered at all. These are 1/6th scale figures and should have cloth and leather for the appropriate parts. But these are good figures and if you like Ewoks pick them up if you don't they are 1 per case so you probably won't see them because the Ewok people will grab them.
    Biker Scout
    I was very excited to add another biker scout to my team of 2. I liked seeing the pictures and that he had a new glove mold for the newer body it sports it also has new boots. Not much different form the old ones jsut a little better detailed. It does use the same body as Jango so there is more posability. Now the big disappointment. The head, you would think Hasbro would just use the same sculpt that was used in the first and they may have. But the head is not glossy like the first and around the jaw it is sunk in, not straight lines like the origionals. The helmet looks more like the distorted masks you get from Don Post now. The paint apps aren't as good either Totally blew the figure for me. I am still debating weather to exchange it when others come out to trade it or customize it so a head is under the helmet and make the helmet open and close. If you didn't get teh scout before pic it up you will enjoy it. If you have the origional stick with it it is a better figure.
    The figure most were I am sure anticipating. This is the figure I have been dying for. From the picture it looks liek Hasbro gave him articulation finaly. So I open the case and pull Yoda out first. He looks good the face paint is a little dark but the sculpt and paint is I think the best yet. Going back the 1st one had a great paint job but the sculpt wasn't the best but good. The 2 pack Yoda had a great sculpt but the worst paint job I have seen. This one has a good sculpt and paint app.I am immediately disappointed they still have not given him a full brown robe under the top robe and the top robe is a bit thin. I will have to make both to improve him. Then I realize the ares are still not articulated and the left arm is bent permenently in the position you see in the pics. They did add wrist articulation but the right hand does not hold the saber. In the left hand since the arm is bent if he holds up the saber it looks like he is answering the phone. The rest of the body is the same as the last one. The accessories are great a chair, cane nice deco, saber a little thick but I don't care lightning and a screen for training Padawan's. I will have to take an old Yoda and figure out how to give him artulation since Hasbro cant opne their minds at all. But after I do this it will easily be my favorite figure.
    So over all
    Ewoks win for the best figure in the assortment due to it's the least disappointing and they look good. B+
    Biker Scout went from being a A figure that just needed better articulation to a C figure due to the head.
    Yoda could have easily been an A figure if they gave him better articulation and better clothes. But I give him a B becasue his face does look so good.

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    Those are pretty good reviews and pretty much the same way I feel. The ewoks are very well sculpted. One thing I was thinking about (at the risk of sounding like a geek ) , it's kind of odd to give yoda the force lighting coming out of his hand. He didn't make the lightining he was mearly deflecting it. In the movies the lighting seems to come from the dark side of the force. . Here's an idea - if your like me and bought a case from EE. Use the extra force lightnings and put them either on your 12" emperor or dooku. I haven't put them on mine yet but I"m sure that would be pretty cool.
    Also I'm kind of glad I did get a case, one of my jedi luke's was cross-eyed and the other is fine. wonder if anyone else has run into that problem.
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    New Luke at Brian's Toys $14.99

    Just a heads up, if anyone is interested in this, it's $14.99 at Brian's Toys.
    The website

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