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    new jedi luke, biker scout, ewoks and yoda

    hasbro has posted photos of the new 12 inch figures, set to be released in the fall. as rumored they include the biker scout, episode 2 yoda, ewoks 2 pack and a new luke, as seen in "return of the jedi", not "a new hope" as everyone had thought.

    overall, this looks to be a pretty solid wave. sure, it would of been nice if hasbro had put luke on a super joe body and made him an all new suit, but this wave looks a lot better than the last few, meesa thinks.
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    luke appears to have the same head shown on the scott andrews sculpting site. it looks way better than the recently released han solo and anakin. otherwise, this figure is a total rehash, beside the boots.(and those nifty handcuffs)

    i really wish hasbro would of made luke's vest in the proper color(black), added a cloak, and the belt he wore under the vest. three removable right hands would of been nice as well. one un-gloved, one battle damaged and one gloved.
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    here is yoda. he looks pretty good, but hasbro has really never had a problem with the non-human characters. hasbro is calling him the "ultimate" yoda. they better not try to price him in the same range as the "ultimate" jango!

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    though the biker scout has already seen release, i'm glad to see him released as a single, as not everyone was able to get the speeder bike set, and i'd like to get a few more as well. he looks to have new gloves.
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    and last but not least, the ewoks 2 pack. i'm not really an ewoks fan, but these look pretty good. thankfully hasbro didn't try for the 'real fur" effect. and i'm glad they packaged two small figures together. hopefully they will retail for about $20.

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    The best of this set is DEFINITELY the Yoda and the Biker Scout. The clothing on the Luke figure is pretty chintzy looking. That's what really wrecks this figure. The Ewoks are okay... not too crazy about them... especially the one sporting the Mace Windu sanctioned choppers.

    ALl I have to say is YODA!!!!
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    Why does Hasbro insist on always getting Luke jedis vest the wrong color? It is clearly Black. Not brown, not tan, not grey!!

    Please don't screw this up on the new 3 3/4 figure coming out in 2004. Sheesh!

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    your right, looks to be a pretty solid wave. can't wait! Hopefully the rebo band will following also.
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    It's possible it's the same thing that happened with the Luke Bespin and the green fatigues. The actual costume color given from the Lucasfilm art depart was a greenish tint but when photographed looked more tan in the film.
    "If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88mph, your gonna see some serious...."

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    I don't know. I saw the actual Luke jedi costume on display at a museum in Ohio and it was without doubt black.


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