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    Silver ROTJ Boba Fett at Mexicon

    This was quoted over at GalaticHunter

    We have received an update from Julio Moreno of the Official Mexican Fan Club regarding July's Collector's Convention. According to insider sources, The Mexi-Con exclusive vac-metallized ROTJ Boba Fett---which will be carded in similar fashion as Toy Fair Vader---is limited to 6,000 pieces and will be available only at the convention and later the U.S. Fan Club.
    I can see this piece becoming very hard to find. Harder to find and more expensive then the Toyfair Vader. I'm a little disappointed this piece was picked, especially since its being released in another country.

    What do you guys think?

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    I'm happy about that U.S. Fan Club bit.
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    I assume the Fan Club will only receive a limited amount. The Silver Darth vader was almost impossible to order it from the Fan Club last time around.

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    Eh, oh well. Could be cool, but I won't stress over it.
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    I have a buddy who lives in Mexico City who is going to snag one for me! All I have to do is buy the 2-day pass and mail him the ticket. I'm quite stoked about this and hope it pans out like I want it to. Looks good thusfar.


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    I hope I can get one from the Fan Club then. I missed out on Vader, didn't even know it was available at the time.

    Hopefully, it a bling-bling Boba 300th!
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    I said that thing about the Fan Club because I didn't have any problems ordering Vader from them. Lord Malakite contacted me, I got on my damn home dial up connection, and ordered them as soon as they became available. I'm not worried about Fett yet.
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    Where is the convention going to be at and anybody know when? Im going to the beautiful state of Guanajuato in early July but Mexico City is a bit further south and i doubt my dad (who disapproves of my collecting) would go just to see if i could get one. Oh well, maybe i will score one from the fan club.
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    Here's a crazy idea. Anyone that ordered a TF Vader cannot get first dibs on the Fett. If you ordered more than one Vader, it puts you further down the list.

    I think they should limit the number per day that can be sold on the fan site. The first 2 days are for those who didn't get a Vader. I'm sure they keep records of who & where they send stuff. The next 2 days are for those who didn't get a Vader & those who only ordered 1. Then after that it's open to everyone.

    I know this is a whacky idea and I'm not going to work out any fine details. It's just an idea.
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    I had read previsouly somewhere that they would be widely available later this year. Hopefully that doesn't mean just from the Fan Club. Similar quantities to the Silver R2 would be good.


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