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Thread: Utah anyone?

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    hey I stop today at the TRU in Orem in they had the tie interceptor I got 2 of them, but they still have 9 in the basket also they have the OBI-WAN whit the gungan sub and the Darth Mual to good luck

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    Found the Ketwol wave at Wal-Mart (Orem) this morning. I was hoping to find them on clearance, as has been reported at some other Wal-Marts, but no luck here. Still $6.44, even though some of the figures were hanging on the clearance aisle.
    Thomas Lane

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    My wife went to W-M in Orem yesterday and got me the same wave. She was so excited that she found them that I almost didn't tell here that I had already bought them at the Springville W-M (and for cheaper at that).

    I also stopped off at the Orem Target yesterday and saw that they still had two B-Wings
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    My wife took those figures back for me to the Orem W-M and found out that they were put on clearance for $2 each. They also had the Slave 1 Lego set for $8 and the technic stuff around the same price.

    At the Orem TRU they had a ton of the Sith Speeder units from the Invasion Force line for $5. I hadn't even heard of these guys before so it was a nice treat to find. BTW, the TIE/I sticker was removed from the shelf so they may not be planning on getting any more.
    "I'm just a YES man trying to make my way in the universe." - Jango McCallum

    "Good dialogue and smooth editing are no match for a good YES man by your side, kid." - George Lucas

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    MC what figures do they have at the Orem Wal Mart? I am looking for an extra Han Bespin and maybe a Sandtrooper. I was at TRU last Thursday and picked up the last Tie Fighter that was in the bin. I checked the TRU in Midvale last Thursday but they had nothing new there.

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    Exclamation Hi!

    No, I don't live in Utah, but I was just there about two months ago and had a chance to do some shopping. Everything is out of date of course, but it wasn't back then. I was just wondering, which of the stores is the best out there? I have been there twice and in my experiences, I found that the Wal*Mart in Cedar City was excellent. I found all three Max Rebo Band Pairs there the first time, and I found the Boomer Droid, Scout (dirty) and Darth Maul SA, all before they became common. Where do you think is the best?
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    Target in Midvale has 6 BWings on the shelf. No sign of the Xwing Luke wave there. The Midvale Wal Mart has no figures at all. The Kay Bees at the South Towne Mall has POTJ figures for 2.99. The bad thing is they only have Anamechanic, Farmer Jinn, Split Personality Maul, Chocobiwan, and Old Ben. I finally picked up little Anakin Mech for a more reasonable 2.99 instead of 7.99.

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    I visited Wal-Mart in Orem last night. The only SW toy I was able to find was a 12" 4-LOM in the clearance section, but when I scanned it, it came up at full price ($22). Can anyone recommend a good place to go figure hunting? Other than a few Ketwol, Sabe, and Bespin guards here and there, I haven't seen anything new in quite a while. I still haven't run across the Imperial R2 droid, Lando, Duros (whatever his name is), nor anything from the Shmi wave (apparently they've been showing up at Targets in SLC).

    Also, a few days ago I visited KB in University Mall, and they had tons of Ani-mechanic, Dagobah Vader, old-man Kenobi, chocolate-covered Kenobi, farmer Jinn, and 2-piece Maul for $3.
    Thomas Lane

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    It was reported on the BHC forums that the Darth Vader Emporer's Wrath, XWing Luke, and Death Star Han Solo were found at the Orem and East Bay K Marts over the weekend.

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    Doh! I was just there yesterday and didn't bother to check, since K-Mart never gets squat! As an off-topic question, has anyone found the new Lord of the Rings figures in the Provo/Orem area?
    Thomas Lane


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