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Thread: Utah anyone?

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    hey ThomasLane TRU in Orem have the LOTR toys

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    Wow! I had no idea that KMart, excuse me, Super KMart had the newest wave first. I guess it shouldn't be too much of a surprise since they were the first ones to stock the POTJ line.

    I've been to W-M in Orem a couple of days ago and they had nada. I went to the Orem Target yesterday and they had about four or five B-Wings, but the figure selection was really crummy, i.e., chocowan, CGuard, Porky-Boy.
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    I found the Darth Vader Emporer's wrath wave(or what was left of it) at the Super Target in Midvale. There were about a half dozen X Wing Luke, two Han Solo DS Escape, nut no Darth Vaders in sight.

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    Hello guys in Utah, my wife got me the Shmi and obi-wan JTG today at the Walmart in AF and she said still some left, good luck

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    Exclamation Kmart and KB finds

    Hey everybody,

    Fort Union Kmart had 2 Han DSE and 2 Luke X-Wing, no Shimi or Vader EW...

    KB in Park City Dago Vader, Old Ben, Qui Gon Farmer, Choco-Wan for 2.99, 5 Naboo Fighters 4.99, Stap 3.99, Cine Scene w/Sebulba $??? and the Darth Maul bike thing 3.99. Hurry!

    I'm really curious how our bare Walmart's are going to offer us the "exclusive" Bomber and Snowspeeder duo. Anyone else worried that the Utah Walmart's don't have JACK?

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    I'm not sure what's up with WM. The Orem store doesn't even have farmer Jinn any more and the whole toy department is looking like the day after Thanksgiving, but it sounds like the AF store is stocking the latest stuff. I heard rumours that Fred Meyer has been getting the XWing Luke wave. I checked yesterday (Orem) and they had was the Bespin Guard wave (which is the newest thing they've gotten in about a year), and Ric Olie/Darth Sidious.
    Thomas Lane

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    And if you still need Snobi-Wan-Kenobi and Long-Jinn-Silver, TRU in Orem had them, as well as plenty of Aurra Sing (non-error version), Bespin Han and Leia, Chewie, and some of the newer 12" stuff (Han-trooper, DS trooper, DS droid), and some of the super-deformed palm-talker stuff.

    Is it just me, or are the palm-talkers completely lame? I can't see why anyone in their right mind would spend $10 on those things. Ah, well, I don't know why an adult would spend $7 on a 4" plastic action figure either, but I do it on a regular basis.
    Thomas Lane

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    I found Shmi on Saturday at the AF Wal Mart but no JTG Obi Wan. I have to agree that the Palm Talkers are a little lame. As for why an adult would spend $7.00 on a 4inch plastic figure is beyond me... I have the same problem. Thank goodness I have kids that like to play with the stuff!

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    I found the new Darth Vader EW, Luke X Wing, and Han Solo DS escape at the K Mart in AF. There were at least 10 of each when I checked there after work yesterday at about 5:30. If you need these figs hurry on over.

    Has anyone checked out the sale at TRU?

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    I hadn't heard about a sale at TRU, other than the stuff that they've been clearancing for months (Mon Mothma and a few other POTF figures). Any details about this sale?
    Thomas Lane


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