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Thread: Best Toy-Line

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    Post Best Toy-Line

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to know what's your favorite star wars toy-line is so far POTF2, Episode 1, POTJ, or the Saga Line. Either in sets or just certain figures. Tell me what you think
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    They all have their ups and downs.

    Pro: All Classic Trilogy, Large line, wasn't to hard to find new figuret(for the most part), Commtech Stormtrooper/Vader/R2.
    Con: Scale, R5-D4, early steroid sculpts, and R5-D4.

    Episode 1
    Pro:...I saved a lot of money not buying many of these.
    Con: I didn't want to collect these.

    Pro: Great Sculpts, good variety, good mixture of main and background characters.
    Con: Clean Biker Scout was hard to find.

    Pro: Nice Sculpts, lowest cost per figure, accessories, head variations for army builders, Ephant Mon.
    Cons: Action Gimmicks, mostly ATOC characters

    My favorite....POTJ
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    While my nostalgia says POTF2, realistically POTJ was the series I thought had the best figures.
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    Sure the line had a few duds, (that awful General Leia springs to mind) but as a whole it was pretty amazing.

    A great mix of resculpts. . . (That POTJ Tusken sure was pretty dang cool. Finally! A decent Lando! Oh, Wow! A new Snaggletooth! An un-buff Sandtrooper!)

    New versions of unreproduced vintage figs . . . (FX-7! Egads I still can't get over how cool this guy is! Hasbro sure did him justice.)

    And -- even better -- a steady stream of never before produced totally beyond obscure OT figs. . . (R4-M9! The Duro! R2-Q5! Boshek!)

    Yeah, definitely POTJ. All the way. Dang! That line nearly bankrupted me.
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    POTJ all the way. It's like it was a dream, and we're now awaken.
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    POTJ, hands down....because they had LANDO!!!
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    Originally posted by Lando In My Pants
    POTJ, hands down....because they had LANDO!!!

    in your pants?

    POTJ for me too. I like SAGA, too, but POTJ is the tops in my book.
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    Okay! Enough!

    What exactly does Lando In My Pants mean anyway? It sounds, shall we say, decidedly UNheterosexual. Not that there's anything wrong with that. God, knows I'm guilty as charged . . . .

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    Saga collection 2. great figures without the action gimmicks that ruined collection 1.

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    I liked POTJ and the Saga the best. The gimmicks really don't bother me because I don't open them. POTJ had alot of nice sculpts. Saga because they didn't wait for a new line to put out older figures.
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