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    Zam Wessel's dying words?

    After she has been shot by Jango's poison dart Zam says something.

    I know what I think it sounds like (the name of a certain character), has anyone else noticed this? I won't say which character for fear of planting ideas into your head as I could well be wrong. Next time you watch it, let me know.

    It's just something I've never seen discussed before.

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    It sounds a little bit like she's saying Sly Moore, but apparently, according to the LucasFilm Jedi Council she is saying "Sleemo" which is the Huttese word for Slime-Ball. Anakin utters the same words to Sebulba in TPM.

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    I swear that, everytime I watch TPM, it sounds like little Jake says, "Don't screw any dough-pots, sleemo!" to Sebulba...

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    Sleemo wich translate in to slime ball wich translates into ******* . Anyone agree?
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    pretty much!
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    I'e been trying to figure out what Zam says before she dies. The only thing I've come up with is "...... ..... Slave I" as her LAST words.
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    OK, guess I'm just imagining things then. I was sure it sounds like "Sh-mi Sky-walk-eeuuggh"

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    Just watch the DVD with clearly states what she says...can't remember now.
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    Good thinking - cheers!


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