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    Talking Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen rule!!!

    Just kidding...

    They drive me nuts, actually. I heard some of the women here at work talking about them and thought I was going to die! They were actually discussing how great they are for kids and "isn't it great how they've had such a successful career?"

    Just thought I'd post this with that horrifying title just so people would take a look.

    Any thoughts on the Olsen Midgets?
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    Shaved monkeys.
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    Originally posted by James Boba Fettfield
    Shaved monkeys.
    Ya, but aren't we all.
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    They've got monkey faces. I see it everytime I look at them.
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    buckle up. no really, buckle up.
    I went to walmart to pick up a calendar for my office at the start of the year. I narrowed their selection down to two, mk&a or one featuring photos of outhouses. since I figured they were pretty much the same thing I decided to go with the real deal and went with the outhouses.
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    They are girls...they are twins...they are young. That is what I know...oh! Their names are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
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    Howard Stern says they are "Butter Faces" just like Tori Spelling. . . everything's good but her face! BAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

    I always thought that was hilarious when they'd say that on the show!
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    They look like those little spikey haired troll dolls to me......
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    It'll be a cold day in "you know where" before I'll play one of their video games (and even then, I probably still wouldn't play them).
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    You should read the latest EGM's where Sean Baby attacks one of their games, LM.
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