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    How will Pademe died

    I’m going on the assumption that Pademe’ WILL DIED in Episode III. But more to the point, how will see died? Will she get sick? Will see get killed by Anakin or Obi-Wan during their dual? Will Palpatine have her ASSASSINATED and if so by who? There is some many ways she could go out, please let me know what you think…
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    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    i think i'd be fitting for anakin/vader's character development to kill her because she won't reveal the location of his son, if she dies at all. but i don't think she will die, based on leia's statements in ROTJ.
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    She won't die in the movie, but will it will be alluded to that she is not long for this world, due to the birth of the twins or a wound recieved by Anakin or a combination of the two.

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    Well if she does die in E3, here's a little theory I concocted:

    After Padme has the Skywalker twins, Palpatine and Vader are taking over the Republic and wiping out the Jedi as they are fighting the Mandalorians which are being led by Boba Fett so they can get revenge for what happened to Jango (if he happened to be high on Mandalorian order) and so the Jedi are distracted during this and Yoda, Obi-Wan, Padme and the newborn Skywalker twins are in hiding during this but Vader finds them with the hired help of Boba Fett (who really just wants Obi-Wan, but is ordered to capture Padme alive so Vader can kill her himself by order of Palpy) and so when Yoda, Obi-Wan, Padme and the twins are about to escape, Vader & Boba comfront them, while Yoda and the twins are waiting in the ship trying to provide cover fire and Padme is trying to kill Boba in a blaster fight as Obi and Vader are dueling, Obi-Wan is able to wound Vader and begins giving cover for Padme to run to the ship but while Obi-Wan is going up the boarding ramp Fett is able to injure him in which Padme goes to help and Obi-Wan is able to climb aboard but by an agrivated Boba Fett is disentigrated before Obi-Wan can help her, and so Yoda & Obi take off towards Alderran where they hide Leia with the Organas and Obi-Wan takes Luke and Yoda to Dagobah where Yoda goes into hiding then finally Obi-Wan goes to Tatooine, takes Luke to the Owens, while Obi-Wan consumes the identity of Ben and destroys the ship so that no one can find it.

    I figured that way it would have some interesting tie-ins, like Vader & Boba "No disentigrations" and Luke "This place seems familiar" It was just a theory I thought of tho.
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    If Boba Fett "disintegrated" Padme, I don't think Vader would be so calm about admonishing Fett in ESB when he says "No Disintegrations." He'd be talking about his wife to the guy who killed her. If Fett killed Padme, Vader would make sure Fett was the next carcass to be shot out into space, not make him the Empire's fave Bounty Hunter.

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    Rollo has a point there...

    I think Padme will sacrifies her life at some point of EIII to save the twins.

    But I doubt that Boba will have anything to do with anything concerning her death...

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    The fact of the matter remains:

    Leia KNEW her mother.

    Will E3 take place when Leia is 3 or 4? No. How then, will Obi Wan Kenobi deliver infant Luke to the Lars family in the same film that sees Padme pass away AFTER her daughter has time to form permanent memories of her? Will it span 3 or 4 years? I doubt it seriously. It will probably span no more than a couple months max.

    They need only show that Padme is not doing very well. It might be difficult for those of you without children to imagine, but the loss of a child is devastating. Leaving Luke with the Lars family is the nail in her coffin. Other "nails" include losing her mate to the dark side. Losing her way of life and her freedom to the New Order. Having twins isn't easy on a gal either. In a VERY short span of time, Padme is subjected to the following life altering events:

    Her mate (whom she had been worried about personally and in the context of their offspring) dies and is reborn a monster. Once being a prominent leader in the galaxy she is required to take shelter as a nobody in the court of the Organas. She has twin babies that she is immediately required to split up. One goes to another world to live, while the other is adopted by the Organas, and she must live with the knowledge that she is not legally her child anymore. Tragic......fatally.
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    Originally posted by Jedi Clint
    The fact of the matter remains:

    Leia KNEW her mother.
    Ever heard of the subconciousness? Memories that are there even if you were "supposedly" too young to remember? Very young would most likely be past 3 or 4. Also, exactly how can E3 not have the Skywalker twins in it? I mean there is no exact time limit between movies set.

    I didn't say me theory WAS what was gonna happen, just something I came up with sometime ago in like a minute or so, don't take it so seriously, yeesh, I just it would be interesting if there were those connections in there.
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    A few good ideas floating around.I really don't like the Boba Fett idea mostly because I don't like Boba Fett.I guess I'd have to agree with the idea of all the heart ache of her life shortened it.I'd have to say Leia could really remember her mother because she was old enough to.Still very young at the same time.I don't think having Anikin physically turn on padme works well for me.If Vader after years of being a sith was easy on luke then I guess I don't see how he would be able to just attack Padme.Just me I guess
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.


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