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    Exclamation the Whilly Wonka remake,Marlyn Manson may be the new Wonka.

    While in spencers today,I broke wind of the old whilly wonka movie to my friend and an employe of the store said he has heard rumors that theres going to be a remake of whilly wonka,and there thinking of casting Marlyn manson as the lead role.If this turns out to be true then Lets just say if the oompa-loompas scared you befor then theres no telling whats instored.And no happy moive from the 70s-80s is safe.
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    Re: the Whilly Wonka remake,Marlyn Manson may be the new Wonka.

    Originally posted by mylow thehutt
    While in spencers today,I broke wind .
    HeeeeeHeeeeeeHeeeee! Childish? Perhapse, but what else am I going to be doing in the middle of the it!!!
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    That's actually a very old rumor that I'm pretty sure was debunked a long time ago. I can almost certainly assure you that Marilyn Manson will not be playing Wonka if this thing goes ahead.

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    Originally posted by RooJay
    I can almost certainly assure you that Marilyn Manson will not be playing Wonka if this thing goes ahead.
    I should hope not. I enjoy the version with Gene Wilder. Why ruin a good movie?
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    Originally posted by bobafrett
    Why ruin a good movie?
    You're just now asking that question?
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    No, the Manson thing is an old old rumor. He's a fan of the original movie and said once that he'd like to do it. The original word was that Nicolas Cage would star, but that was over a year ago. The film is still in pre-production limbo while they try to get a script together and decide on a director. Probably never going to happen, but who knows.

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    I could actually see it work, i think it woul dbe cool.
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    That sound you hear is me hanging myself in mourning over:

    Hollywoods growing list of remakes.
    Marilyn Manson still having a career, and possibly defacing what could be considered Gene Wilder's finest work.
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    It might as well have been a Manson film with the chicken heads being chopped off. I couldn't figure that out when I saw it, "this is a children's flick????"
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    I guess some rumors never die.
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