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    Animated-Style Figures...?

    Quoted in the current issue of Toyfare from Hasbro's own Andy Espenshade: "What we do best is highly detailed, realistically styled figures. If this takes off, and people love the animation as much as we think they're going to, then it could translate into [animated-style figures] someday."

    What does everyone think of that one, huh? Last I knew, people weren't really too crazy they decided to go with the Samurai Jack/Dexter's Lab animation style in the first place. Now they'll make figures based on that?
    It just doesn't seem like it's going to fly.

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    I've been thinking having figures based off the animation would be a good idea. I'm not a diorama/display guy, so I don't have to worry about how they'll look displayed next to the other toys. I like mine in the package, and I think it would be nice to mix the lines up a bit by having some figures that look like the animated creations.
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    I think if they made them in the style of Urban Vinyl then it might work but this cartoon style is vile.

    For those not familiar with urban vinyl it's a particular style of artwork coming out of the Hong Kong scene. Really cool and hip daddio. Very clean lines, good use of color and amazing sculpts. Forbidden planet have a small section on their website for these things which are becoming the collectibles to collect. I'm really diggin the stuff and i'd love to see some star wars characters done in that style but not in this scratchy scrappy weird cartoon style. i just hate it so much I doubt i'll ever be able to watch even just one frame. So I'll never buy any figures based off it.

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    I think i may actually be more into this is it wasthe animation style. I don't know, I am just so against it nothing could kill it more for me.
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    I don't agree with having them in animation style. The figures we saw in the pictures where cool. Just let them be the way they were and I will be happy. I don't like the way the Dragonball figures look woth the animation style. I think they will look too childish. The clone wars is more for the collectors and old time SW fans than the kids. Leave them in the fashion we have come to love and grown up with.
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    I wouldn't buy them if they did. I still debating whether I want to pick up the new clone war action figures.
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    I would have to say that I would prefer them NOT make a classic/3 3/4 figure in any animation or other style. Maybe a special series of vinyl or other non-traditional format would be a nice novelty. But I would definitely be opposed to seeing the regular figures displaced.

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    I guess...

    I like to display my figures, and there is a stong continuity in my collection. So to change the look would be horrible. So I wouldn't pick it up, but if the vehicles are the same...hmmm.
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    If they did this they'd probably make them in ways that would be useful for movies versions but since they'll be cartoons they won't fit in movie scenes. I'd rather them not, Carkoon Boba Fett looked cartoonish enough, I'd hate to imagine how bright the colors would turn out if they actually were trying to make them cartoony.
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    Re: Animated-Style Figures...?

    "What we do best is highly detailed, realistically styled figures."
    Yes, I have those 2 figures ... but what about the rest? (kidding.)

    "If this takes off, and people love the animation as much as we think they're going to, then it could translate into [animated-style figures] someday."
    You know ... I say go for it. How are we going to complain because they're thinking about trying something new? I've read a lot of posts lately about people being bored with the hobby or disinterested in what's being offered ... perhaps a new direction is just what's needed to generate a little enthusiasm. It's impossible to say if it'll be good or bad without seeing a sketch or a prototype, so I'll hold my opinion for that day. I'll also wait to see who does or does not change their mind once the cartoon finally starts airing. I'm prepared to love or hate the thing, based on the fact that I love Samurai Jack but could care less about Dexter's ... gonna have to wait and see. I am happy that we've at least something to look forward to. Beats a sharp stick in the eye any day.


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