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    ebay of the Day

    This custom scanning crew memeber is a cool one. It's a female wich right there is very unique. Still, she's smuggleing diamonds, and I'm sure the Empire would not like that . Check it out!
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    $64? Wow, good luck getting that. It's nice but it's nothing more than new cloths on a new body. Now those customs where the artist sculpted a whole new figure is worth paying out money for.
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    It's kinda cold in that hallway...if you know what I mean.

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    I can't see???

    Somebody, please turn their headlights on, I really need to find this thing I'm looking for.

    Ahhh, much better, I found it, thank you Ms. Scanning Crew member.

    I don't know, it's hard to say when I'd spend money on a custom. This one, no I wouldn't, but remember the custom Sail Barge, yes...yes I would. But not $3,500.00! Each to his/her own though. I wonder why they put the diamonds there though?? Is it not enough to show the "femaleness" of the figure by having boobs there??? Hilarious!!!

    PS - smuggling diamonds is the funniest thing I've heard that called before!
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    Well, if you were to smuggle diamonds where else would you put them?
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Auctions are not supposed to be posted in this forums. However since this deal with a custom figure, I've edited the thread to show the pic rather than the link to the auction. Please do the same from hereon.
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