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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    Sadly, we finally see the Omnibots show up in something other than a mail-away promo, and they're already dead.

    Maybe, maybe not.

    There's a supercool preview of Armada 14 on Dreamwaves webpage.

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    What was it Eternal Padawan said about Hush over in Batman?

    Oh yeah.

    Sweet Jizzy Chrizzy!

    That little preview makes me look forward to "Worlds Collide" even more. Who is that Optimus Prime? At first I thought it might be the corpse of Prime from Marvel's TF #76, but the damage is too inconsistent. (Not to mention some design differences.)

    Is this a Prime we've seen before, in one of the gazillion toy lines?

    Those Decepticon silhouettes: we already know the one in the center is Galvatron. Upper left is everyone's second favorite Marvel-era 'Con Commander, Bludgeon. (And there was much rejoicing. Yay, yay!) Bottom left appears to be Scourge. I'm not sure on the other two, but the dude in the bottom right looks like he might be everyone's fourth favorite Marvel-era 'Con Commander, Thunderwing.

    Any guesses on 'Con #4 (the guy in the upper right)?!newsite...FArm14_p04.jpg

    As for the Omnibots (Camshaft, Overdrive, and Downshift), no sign of them. Just as well, though. Everyone ordered them 'cause they looked cool, but they never showed up in the toons or comics, so they were a bit boring.
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    Sooooo anyone pick up Armada 14 today? I wasn't able to..

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    Armada 15 came out today and I just went through it and 14. Megatron kicks some Autobutt and Galvatron pretty much kicks every ones ***.

    G1 vol 2 continues to be awesome. But I am almost tired of Unicron! He's everywhere TF right now..

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    So, am I the only person left reading these, or what?
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    Re: Wheeljack Lives! ( The Transformers Comic Thread)

    I just read that, as of last week, Dreamwave is out of business.

    Hasbro is looking for a new licensee for the Transformers comics.

    Let us pray that our beloved 'Bots and 'Cons find a home where they will be more respected than at Dreamwave.

    Serves 'em right for making Grimlock a $%&*in' traitor, grumble, grumble.
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    Re: Wheeljack Lives! ( The Transformers Comic Thread)

    Im upset that i wont be getting a Beast Wars More Than Meets the Eye soon. The G1 comic had all but lost my support, i stopped buying after issue six and i really have no desire to pick up the few that remain. I think Dreamwave ran the Transformers into the ground, that seemed to be their only title they printed and they should have known they wouldnt survive only with their muscle. Oh well, im sure the franchise will have a new comic out soon...heres hoping its any good.
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