Because Roojay was upset with us all cluttering up the Jim Lee/Batman thread with talks of Transformers and G.I Joe...

Anyway. I never picked up the new Dreamwave TF limited series last year, but I saw the new #1. Vol II on the rack and splurged and bought it and took it home and read it and (there are no page numbers darnit) on the page where Prowl is convincing Optimus to send him out on recon, in the fifth panel ( to the left of the circular panel) you can clearly see Gears, Mirage, Bumblebee, and WHEELJACK. I was under the assumption he had bitten the big one in last years limited series.

By the way. I liked how all the triple changers are working for Shockwave, including Broadside and the dune buggy Autobot (forgot his name).

I also picked up The War Within #1 and 2. I can't find 3 and 4 but they also have 5 and 6 and I'll probably snag those when I go in next week to get my monthly dose of Bat. Is this a limited series, too?

And since I'm a johhny come lately in the TF dept. Can anyone tell me when this is supposed to take place in terms of the Marvel Comics continuity? I have all 80 issues from series 1, as well as the 12 (?) from Generation2, but I don't really remember what happened towards the end there. Does this all take place after that? or did they rearrange continuity again? I need to pick up the GN of the first Dreamwave series.

And finally. G.I Joe/ Transformers crossover? Hmmmmmmm...I hope this doesn't mean Goldbug again.