SSG Forum-ites, (and steve)

A big hello to all, and a thanks. You have provided many hours of "entertainment" ( ) and up-to-date info to help along my plastic addiction that I call Star Wars figure collecting.

A little about me. Im a guy, 36 years young, and I live in the southern US. I am not a completist. I collect what I like and leave the rest behind... Pleased 2 meet u!

On to the point. Today at the local Wal-Mars, I found what appears to be a R2 variation or error. It is a Saga factory flight R2 without blue panels on the dome. Other than the light pipe and surrounding area there is no blue at all. Nada, None...just grey. As grey as some of the motors on 1996 hot wheels variations....It really looks odd and not like any of the other flight R2s I have seen. Has anyone else seen one of these yet or am I one-of-a-kinding it here?

Date code is 23571. Sorry, I dont have a photo yet.

Please give me your opinions on this find,

thanx V.B.