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    Post why don't you open your figs?!?

    ......I'm a packaged collector too, but not because I'm protecting my "investment", just mainly because I have over 500 3 3/4 figs and not enough room to display them. I have a complete room in my house dedicated to star wars, but only my "prime" toys get shelving does seem like a waste, 500 toys all sitting in boxes in the closet........what about you, if you are a packaged collector, then why?!

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    They look better in the package to me, that's why.
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    Originally posted by James Boba Fettfield
    They look better in the package to me, that's why.
    My words exactly. Most of mine were in boxes too, until I got fed up last week and took out 40 freeze frame, flashback, and commtech figures and hung them on the wall.

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    It looks great IMO.
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    They just look much better that way. I don't have to worry about anyone or anything knocking them over, losing their weapons and having to keep fixing the dioramas or displays. Iam not doing it as an investment at all. I like the way they look. I too, have an entire room in my house dedicated to my figures. I have most of the larger stuff in totes in the closet due to lack of space. But all that will change when I get my own house. I will build a wing onto it just for my toys.
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    Ive got most of mine on card in totes but i plan on making dioramas when i have my own house. The only reason i keep them carded right now is so that i wont lose anything. They do look cool though in their cards all lined up but the room they take up is killing me.
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    Originally posted by James Boba Fettfield
    They look better in the package to me, that's why.

    And then, instead of shopping around for tacky art pieces to hang up on the wall, I put my star wars figures there instead, much better art if you ask me, although I wouldn't mind having an orginal Talouse La-Trec hehe.
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    I like them in the packages, though I do buy some extras to open, depending on how much I like the figure. I even collect foregin (non-U.S.) carded figures.

    With the SAGA stuff, it's easy to keep 'em carded. I have been so disappointed with many of the SAGA figures that I have opened. The quality of the materials and the the lame action features make them seen compared to other figures made just six months before SAGA.

    I will however, give honerable mention to a few gems that simply must be opened to appreciate:

    Royal Guard
    Endor Rebel Soldiers
    Geo Warrior
    Imperial Officer (does he count?)
    Lott Dod (does he count?)
    Rebel Trooper (Tantive IV Defender)(does he count?)
    Supreme Chancellor Palpatine

    That's about it, though Ephant Mon is cool, I have yet to find another to open.

    As for the "does he count" figures, they are really from other lines, and were just added to, or finally released with, the SAGA line, so make of that what you will.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I do open everything I buy, but I can totally see why some(most) leave them packaged. They look wonderful carded IMO, and look kinda like a piece of art.
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    I open the figures that are really super cool and articulated like the latest Bspin Luke or Chewie, or figures that go in my Dioramas- Jabbas Palace and The Cantina. I won't post pictures because they really are just shelves. If I opened all my figure there would be a gazillion loose figures laying about.

    My favorite opened figure is Kamino Jango.
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    As far as POTF2, commtech, ep1, flashback, and saga figures are concerned, I like the photos and "bio" cards. I like the little write-ups that every figure has. If I open them, I would throw the package away and there would be "less to look at". I also do not open because I do not want to loose accessories and because some figures do not stand well anyway. That is why
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