I have up for trade 2 MIMP Marvel Legends figures, one Ghost Rider and one Blue armor Iron Man. I am only looking for a fair trade (2 Legends=$15.00, 3 basic Star Wars=$15.00).

Here is a list of what I am looking for:


Barriss Offee
Yoda and Chian
Ashla and Jempa
Research Droids
Aayla Secura


Imperial Officer (SAGA) either one MOMC or loose/bad card
Rebel Fleet Trooper (SAGA) either one MOMC or loose/bad card
Stormtrooper 4 pack
Sandtrooper 4 pack


Non-U.S. carded figures (especially European cards)

POTF2 Orange Carded MOMC:

Luke Jedi
Luke Stormtrooper

I will also take offers, I am interested in Non-U.S. carded stuff, especially Imperial bad guys. I am also willing to make up any diffenence in value, JLMK!