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    I can't believe my luck!!!!!!!

    I can't believe my luck these past few days. I recently found Lama Su, Barriss Offee, and the Yoda two-pack at my local Wal-Mart a day ago. I almost fainted when I saw the Yoda two-pack because I had no idea it was out already. Then, my brother got me the coolest boba fett knock off I have ever seen. And just now, my Vintage boba fett with springloaded rocket pack was a complete success!!!! I tried out the missle, and it flew 30+ feet, but was stopped by a wall, so it probably could have gone farther. I can't believe the luck I am having. Best-Easter-Ever!

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    awsome find!

    I had luck also yesterday and found Ayla and 2 rebel Troopers who are happily residing in my home!
    Yuuzhan Vong Figure Petition

    The Otters are attacking the Crab party!


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