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    Some interesting FACTS about the figures - like how many of who?

    Fascinated by statistics and numbers, as well as seeing just how complicated (but functional) of database I can program, I entered all the CARDED figures made for the modern collection into a table, and then ran some queries. I got some interesting stuff back to report.

    306 carded figures - but no, not actual cards:

    • I counted Jawa#1 and Jawa#2 seperately from the 2-pack, as well as Ugnaughts, etc.
    • I did not count each paint variation on the Battle Droids, but did give new sculpts like the Saga one (a repainted Security Droid) a file on the list.
    • I counted things like the droid that comes with Aunt Beru, and the Mouse Droid of course, including Teemto Pegules crash-cleanup droid he comes packed with, along with Vader's interrogator droid, and Leia's hologram.
    • I did not count the head variations on the Imperial Officer and Rebel Fleet Trooper, or Endor Rebel Soldier.
    • I went up to the last figure I've found that's been released here (Aayla Secura / Bariss / Lama Su) but did not include Yoda and his Youngling student because I guess I missed getting them by a few minutes last Friday).
    • I counted the Sneak Preview Mace Windu, but really shouldn't have, since I haven't added figures like Oola, Muftak & Cabe, and the B'Omarr Monk Droid into the database yet.

    I'll figure out just how many carded figures there actually are when I add a category to my database to single out the "card-holders" like R4-M9, as opposed to the Mouse Droid.

    What else?

    84 figures are from The Phantom Menace

    65 figures are from A New Hope

    59 figures are from Attack of the Clones

    43 figures are from Return of the Jedi

    39 figures are from Empire Strikes Back

    and they still haven't made Luke, Leia, and Lando from the end of "Empire," let alone Carlisst Riekeen, Torynn Farr, Major Derlin, a new, improved Hoth Rebel, a black Bespin Security Guard, a Cloud Car Pilot, a carded Princess Leia Bespin get the picture.

    Note, figures like Orm Free Taa were counted for Phantom Menace, as that is the movie in which they were first seen.

    To date, there are (released on cardbacks):

    15 Luke Skywalkers (4 are Tatooine, 2 x-wing, 2 Bespin, etc.)

    12 Obi-Wan Kenobis (including all the movies he's been in -young or old!)

    12 Princess Leias ( 4 are Imperial Senators, though I counted the hologram)

    9 Han Solos (3 in the vest, 2 Bespins, though I did not get around to counting the Carbonite Han w. the Jabba's Palace cardboard, nor the Gunner Station ones, etc. yet)

    7 Darth Vaders carded in 8 years

    7 Chewbaccas carded in those same 8 years

    6 Darth Mauls carded in 4 years (pathetic!)

    6 Qui-Gon Jinns carded in 4 years (again, groan...)

    4 Jango Fetts carded in 1 year (uh-oh!)

    3 BOBA Fetts carded in 7 years... (that does not include the 300th Figure anniversary edition, or 2-packs, but it does count the kid from "Clones."

    12 is the number of carded figures exclusively from the Cantina (or Mos Eisley since I counted the ASP-7 droid and Garindan). I skipped Greedo's resculpt.

    20 is really the number of exclusively Cantina figures when you add in the 3-pack, the Cantina Band Member, Muftak, Cabe, and Dr. Evazan, plus Kitik Keed Kak - as I'm lucky enough to have him. I don't count Han, Ben, or anybody who is useful in scenes elsewhere.

    10 is the number of figures from Jabbas Palace, if you do not count main characters, no matter what their disguises. Just aliens exclusively from Jabba's Court. Adding the skiff guards and B'Omarr Monk, plus Amanaman you get 15.

    14 is the number of figures from the Pod Race, but only 4 of them are actual podracer pilots (not counting Anakin), and 5 of them are different versions of pitdroids! I counted Aurra Sing and the Tusken Sniper, but I left out main characters like Watto and Shmi Skywalker.

    I don't know. There is an awful lot of imbalance in the way the numbers stack up. I'll post more later. I can think of lots of fun queries to run on my new Star Wars database.
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    35 lukes were counted in just browsing through the database and 23 hans. check out who has the most versions? but that includes all figures of said character from each series (excluding vintage), not just carded ones.

    very disappointed that TPM has more characters made than ROTJ and ESB together. no wonder everyone's sick of prequel characters and yearns for more classic trilogy figs.

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    wow that is disturbing that TPM has more that ROTJ and ESB together, with ROTJ being my favorite this is saddening...
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    You discounted a head variant over a hologram accessory? that's nuts! So therefore by discounteing things you've screwed up already. If you count a mere accessory then you have to count in the head variants because by definition those are new sculpts. Not simply a repaint like the security droid but actual hard sculpting differences. This is totally flawed as a system tycho.

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    Yeah, when I was reading I thought the head variations should be listed not some of those lame pack-ins. Tycho you must really be bored bro. Go and dye some eggs
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    Yes, you should count each individual figure, like 2 Jawas, 2 Ugnaughts, each Imperial Officer variation, Gonk Droid, children, etc, which are full figures that you own, but you shouldn't count stuff like holo leia, salacious crumb, and Interrogation droids, and mouse droids, which are really only accessories. You'll find it less of a headache omitting those.
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    So that's what you've been up to, Tycho.

    Very impressive thus far. It's interesting to read the varying opinions about how to count this stuff up.

    My own point of view is that packaging-be-damned. I could care less how these things get wrapped up and sold to me. What really matters is who and what I have in front of me after they're all out on display.

    So given that standard, every figure is fair game and should be counted equally. The Interrogation Droid is a droid in and of itself, so it should be counted as such. The Mynock is a "beast," so it should be counted as such. Simple repackaging of a previous figure is nothing more than a new wrapper, but a new head or new articulation is worthy of being counted as a new figure.

    Doing it any other way gives rise to problems, particularly in the case of something like Aunt Beru and the service droid. The Droid isn't an accessory. I suppose if you leave it carded, you might be tempted to call it that, but once free of the plastic bondage, it's clearly a droid worthy of socializing with all the other droids around the Sandcrawler.

    My own project hopefully will be a visual listing which will show me which characters have been made and how many of each, though the capabilities of Tycho's program are impressive nonetheless.

    In regards to the figures themselves, Hasbro is clearly aiming the majority of their efforts at the Prequels. This despite the fact that there is still a lot to mine from the Original Trilogy. If Hasbro keeps this ratio up, and the current non-movie-year trend continues in the post Episode III era, we'll never see a completed Cantina or Palace despite this extension of the contract.

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    All I can say is that statistically there are nowhere near enough Amidalas!

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    Originally posted by RussUAE
    All I can say is that statistically there are nowhere near enough Amidalas!
    I agree wholeheartedly with that! If any character was "designed" for multiple action figures, it has been Amidala/Padme from Ep I and II. Where in tarnation are all of them?

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    I liked and agreed with a lot of the critiques to my system that were provided here.
    • Emperor Jargo et. all are right, the head variations should be counted as new figures. We all wanted them so bad for our dioramas, and it's so cool that Hasbro is doing some of them!
    • But Stillakid is also right: pack-ins like the Interrogator Droid are 'characters' and we'd all want one if Vader didn't come with it, and so on. Someone noted Aunt Beru comes with a full-size droid, too. Plus all the pitdroids are different.

    So as I go back, I'm keeping the pack-ins.

    I also want to keep the Leia Holo that comes with Artoo-Deeto.

    Look at it this way: a lot of characters appear as holograms in the Star Wars trilogy and could be cool figures.

    Some are full-size and could make cool figures, like:

    Luke Jedi Holo from Jabba's Palace
    Darth Sidious holo
    Darth Maul holo
    Nute Gunray Holo
    Senator Palpatine holo from Amidala's throne room
    (and more I'm sure...)

    Some are small-sized but had speaking lines:

    Obi-Wan hologram that comes with the Jedi Council 3-pack
    Leia Holo that comes with R2-D2
    Darth Vader holo (that could come with General Veers Hoth Gear)
    Mace Windu holo that could come with an Anakin Skywalker figure
    Nute Gunray and Rune Haako holo that could come with an AAT tank
    Rodian majordomo holo that could come with Palpatine's desk
    Sio Bibble holo that could come with Padme (handmaiden)

    So I think the holograms should all count - there's even more I forgot to list.

    Next, in light of the amount of TPM and AOTC figures, the lack of Padme Amidala figures (5 still missing from TPM and like 14 missing from AOTC) is ridiculous. Padme has wonderful costumes, and they'd really make nice action figures for non-alien / non-troop builder figures.

    QUESTION: should all 4 BattleDroid paint schemes be counted?

    We had clean, combat dirty, blasted, and lightsaber sliced. I definitely bought and used them accordingly in my scenes, so I'm inclined to say "yes."

    Now there's 2 more Imperial Officer head sculpts since the POTJ one. That much we've seen proof of.

    Are there 1 or 2 more Rebel Fleet Troopers since this figure's POTJ version? (2 say some recent reports, but it that just wishful thinking? Paint changes, not intentional variations, I mean).

    I cannot count Teebo and Eeth Koth's repacks as new figures because nothing's changed. But one of Yoda's hands was altered to hold his lightsaber on the Council chair version, right?

    I DID count the Tusken Raider child as a figure, separately from its mother.

    I'll add the red battle droid as yet another figure.

    Both Endor Soldiers get counted (new versions, goatee and clean shaven)

    When I put exclusives like Oola in, I think Salacious SHOULD count - he's a character in the SW universe in his own right.

    What about the Cantina Band Members? One figure, or 5???

    With the Sandtrooper Troop-Builder set, I count 3 instead of 4, because the black-patch one is a repeat of the POTJ one, right? The white or grey are not repeats of the previous grey (Dewback) or white (cardboard cantina), right? I know the orange did not look like it was the POTF2 version from 1997, correct?

    Your opinions are appreciated.
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