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    Collector's Registry

    Master Replicas now has a Collector's Registry open! You can easily make an account which you can catalogue your collection, post pictures, and check out other people's collections as well.

    I noticed a few SSG Members there already (Darth Brad, chimera, lukespop), good to see your pictures guys! I hope everyone gets a chance to stop by and check it out!

    I'm signed up already, I registered my new Obi-Wan ROTS LE!
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    Re: Collector's Registry

    I caught this earlier today. I have no idea why I didn't see it before but I signed up. I added my one and only prop, my vader anh. It's a great website as I love to view others collection. Some are amazing too with 53 props!
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    Re: Collector's Registry

    I wish they would have the option to show pictures of complete setups -how Collector's have everything displayed together.
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    Re: Collector's Registry

    Woah! That list DOUBLED since yesterday. Looks like the word is out, and I'll bet its gonna get bigger. Good to see you on there megaprime33!
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    Re: Collector's Registry

    I would say the only complaint I have with it is that it only allows people to display their master replica props and nothing else. I am in the process of building a Luke ANH saber and I would love to show it off when it's done but I guess I can't show it there. Great to see you there too Jay!
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    Re: Collector's Registry

    Jay, did you just get your Obi ROTS LE? How much did u pick it up for? Ive been looking for one forever now. Everyone is either out of stock or the prices are riddiculous for a displayed piece.

    On a side note, anyone selling an Obi ROTS Le? Im interested.

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    Re: Collector's Registry

    The answer is in the "Just arrived in the mail" thread...
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    Re: Collector's Registry

    I'm going to chime in here since it's actually my site It's not an official MR site, although we did get blogged by them on Friday. I'm amazed by how popular the site has become so quickly. Right now the focus is MR props because that's what I collect. I'm going to expand it to include Non-Star Wars MR props, and see how it goes from there. Also, stay tuned for a facelift coming soon....

    Glad you guys like the site


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    Re: Collector's Registry

    Oh I see, very clever Chimera. It looked pretty official blogged on MR's website. I bet they're all having a good laugh. Does your Registry have an actual site address?

    Its very popular. The list gets bigger every day!
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    Re: Collector's Registry

    Yay, non-MR props will be able to be added!! Now I can show off the stuff I make.......when I actually make them
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