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    Do CloneTroopers look like Cylons?

    Just was reading about a silver CloneTrooper and thought to myself, "Oh-no! Here comes Starbuck and Apollo to fight in the Clone Wars."

    A silver Clone Trooper would look like a Cylon Warrior, wouldn't it?

    Until the prequels, the armored warriors of the Star Wars galaxy looked pretty much original. Now while I realize that the Clone Trooper is a combo of Fett's helmeted visage and that of the classic Stormtroopers, if you had the separate pieces of the costumes for the Bikerscout's lower helmet and the Clone Trooper's upper face shield, then combined them and 'chromed them,' you'd be a Cylon!
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    Very true, I was thinking that when I first heard about it. Maybe it's just Lucas' way of mooning them after the whole deal with them taking away ideas of Star Wars. I don't think theres alot they can do either, because it doesn't have a direct appearance as them, so it's like an upgraded bootleg.

    If there are any matters over it though, well that's what they get for lack of originality.
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    Tycho, I really hate when you do that. Now all I can see it that little red light going back and forth. I can sleep now....but the dreams still come.
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    Gee -- what do yall say about getting Dirk Bennidict to play the role of Anakin -- cant be much worse than Hayden.

    Hight be better --- hmmm
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    Well, it's only fitting if it does end up looking just like a Cylon. Afterall, a Cylon was just a shameless rip-off of a Stormtrooper to begin with. What goes around, comes around; so they say.


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    As long as we dont start having Clone Troopers walking around saying, " BY YOUR COMMAND "

    I dont think I could cope with such a thing
    JediBoulton --
    Collecting SW Since 1978. -- Still going strong......

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    That's what I was thinking, Jedi Boulton!!

    Maybe it will be a sound-effect troopie, too, and make that electronic swooshing sound!!

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    OH MAN -- Its stuck in my head!

    Now all we need is Anakin and Padme to get a
    stupid Robot Orange Dog (Daggit)

    I will BAN Star Wars 4-EVER if that happened!!!
    JediBoulton --
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    As for ships...The Star Wars vehicles are far better that any colonial viper or BattleStar........because simply put you can not beat the Death Star...

    nuff said...

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