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    Categorizing 12" figure help???

    Well, last night I started making an inventory of my 12" Star Wars figures. What I need to know is the following. What line does the first set (Darth, Ben, Luke, etc.) that say just "Action Collection" fall under?

    Second, does Hasbro count the 2 pack figures ( ie. Luke w/Wampa, Darth Vader/Darth Maul etc.) as 1 figure, or 2 figures? I know the Luke with all the accessories, counted as the 100th 12" figure. So far I have inventoried over 75 12" figures, but if Hasbro considers the 2 pack and 3 pack as seperate figures, then that number will be higher.

    Last question, do you recommened writing down the UPC # for each figure. I notice that all 6 cantina members all have the same UPC #, just stickers to tell which band member is inside. Also both variations of Tusken have the same UPC#.

    So far I've just written the figure plus what line with the exception of those in my first question, and the UPC #, but soon I will be transferring the info to some program which will be neat and legible.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Hey bobafrett -- Here is my 2 cents worth:

    1 = The first few 12" figures that came out (with the nice flaps) I believe are considered to be "Action Collection" as you mentioned. This is how I have mine listed.

    2= I seem to remember a tread that discussed this very thing. I believe that Hasbro considers the 2 pack figures to be 2 figures. I seem to remember the luke and had stormtroopers being listed seperately to get to that magic 100th figure #. I guess it all depende on how you count. Personnaly -- If I have ONE package pertaining to a Two pack -- then I only count it as a single unit.

    3 = I had to look at my figures before I answered this question. I was using the following method:

    Collection# : Serial # : Stamp # : Variation:

    I believe that using the UPC code would be a GREAT IDEA for tracking figures -- but here is the delima: Two, Three, and the rare Four Pack figures only have ONE UPC code. You might want to just count PACKAGES instead of Individual figures.

    I hope this helps some -- BTW What Type of Program are you going to use to track your figures?
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    I printed out the list of 12" from the Collectors DB here at SSG, which helped me quickly figure out whiat 12"-ers I'm missing.

    Sounds liek your having a similar dilemma that Tycho is having: add too much detail or not enough. I would lean towards too much, or at least more info. That way if you wanted to do a query for Leia as Boushh, for instance, you would see she came in a 4 pack as well as w/ Han Carbonite.
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    I subcatagorize my multi-packs under their own heading. I.E.:

    Action Collection
    Action Collection (two-packs)
    Action Collection (three-packs)
    Collector's Series
    Collector's Series (two-packs)

    This helps me organize and makes counting them easier.
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    The whole reason I started to do this, was I had to lay a sheet off plastic down on the shelves to protect the boxes from being damaged. Since I decided to do this, I had to move all the 12" figures. While they were off the storage shelf, I went ahead and wrote down a brief description, and the UPC# I noticed different numbers on the front of the flap boxes. But the main thing was the line, I mean the Power of the Jedi, and the Power of the force figures are easy to figure out.

    I will go with the SSG list you mentioned dr_evazan22, at least to figure out which few 12" figures I am missing.

    At the moment I'm still checking into a program or software that this company sells for around $20 which lets you enter information, and even a photo of the collectible, but that might get to be a bit pricey, and time consuming. I want something for insurance purposes as I guy I know had a large part of his collection destroyed when his sump pump quit working. I live in a basement apartment, so if something like that would happen, I'd want a way to have a listing of what was damaged.

    I didn't notice there was a Collectors series, I must have thought it was the action collection. I was really tired when I decided tyo undertake this project.
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