Well, last night I started making an inventory of my 12" Star Wars figures. What I need to know is the following. What line does the first set (Darth, Ben, Luke, etc.) that say just "Action Collection" fall under?

Second, does Hasbro count the 2 pack figures ( ie. Luke w/Wampa, Darth Vader/Darth Maul etc.) as 1 figure, or 2 figures? I know the Luke with all the accessories, counted as the 100th 12" figure. So far I have inventoried over 75 12" figures, but if Hasbro considers the 2 pack and 3 pack as seperate figures, then that number will be higher.

Last question, do you recommened writing down the UPC # for each figure. I notice that all 6 cantina members all have the same UPC #, just stickers to tell which band member is inside. Also both variations of Tusken have the same UPC#.

So far I've just written the figure plus what line with the exception of those in my first question, and the UPC #, but soon I will be transferring the info to some program which will be neat and legible.

Thanks in advance for any help!