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    pick one restaurant for Episode II

    This is a continuation of pick one restaurant for Episode II

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    Bel-cam, I never get chopsticks at Yoshinoya, but that's a good idea, I wonder if that's why they had those pencil boxes.

    As for the pricing, they also have a 1/2 pound bean and cheese burrito for 99 cents, any hungry homeless dude on the street can afford that.

    Master Jedi, did someone really name a chain of mexican fast food joints "Taco Johns"? That's hysterical! I always thought the Taco Johns were out behind the Taco Bells, and they're ALWAYS busy.
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    JT, yep there sure is a place called Taco John's !

    Their specialty is the potato ole, which is really just a hashround with seasoning. And they taste pretty good!

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    Speaking of Asian places...

    There was a place in Toledo, OH called "the Flying Chopstick". I have no idea why I thought that was so funny for Chinese take-away, but I laughed for years! I'm just odd, I guess.
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    the master jedi
    They sure dio have a place called Taco John's JT. they have some good food there.

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    KFC sice they had it for the special edition and Ep1

    Not the best food to eat,the stuff they use! Made me think again!
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    KFC! "food, folks and fat!"
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    the master jedi
    I would choose Taco Johns. That's what I call some good, good eatin'.

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    White Castle....both of them.
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    Man, I haven't been to a White Castle since I was about 5 or 6 years old 'cause I don't live near one.

    What about tha restaurant Carl's Jr.?
    There aren't any where I live but they sure do have some good food.

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    Of course, local/regional chains wouldn't be good (Carl's Jr., Rax [please someone tell me Rax still exists! I loved it!), Del Taco, "Taco Johns," etc.) for a national/international promotion. I still like Kentucky Fried Chicken; none of this politically correct "KFC." Fried food people. Fried food! Accept it! Ahem.

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