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    the never ending anakin saber color debate

    o.k., i thought i knew what was going on with anakin's saber, and after seeing the first two trailers, i came to the conclusion that anakin would begin the film with a graflex styled saber with a green blade. at the end he would loose his saber when captured and possibly pick up another jedi's saber, thus the photos of the blue blade he has vs. count dooku.

    but now the third trailer has been released, and there is a very quick shot of anakin about to decapitate a tusken raider with a blue bladed saber. this is of course anakin's revenge for his mother's death. this will probably take place in the middle of the film.

    anyway, unless ILM is playing a joke on us, and plans to change the saber colors before release, i'm stumped on this one.

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    all righty, i just re-watched all three trailers, and i'm now of the opinion that the saber anakin starts the film with is the very same one given to luke in episode 4. the green saber we see anakin with is the one he picked up in the arena from a fallen jedi; it's not of the graflex variety. (look closely at the trailer when he's being shocked). and it's speculation, but some way he loses the green saber, maybe when being shocked, and then later aquires someone's blue saber to fight dooku.

    it's interesting that anakin and obi wan will both begin the film with blue sabers.
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    Actually, if you look at an original copy of ANH, not special edition or any of that, the lightsabre Luke uses is almost white, whereas the blades Anakin are using are really almost a regal blue.
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    i chalk that up to crappy effects more than anything else. luke's saber is blue, as seen in "empire". at the least, lucas hadn't decided what color his saber would be in episode 4, but empire settled this.

    and now after looking closer at the new trailer, anakin's episode 2 saber may not be the episode 4 saber. the episode 2 saber has a black ring around the center, like vaders does, but the emitter tip is chrome colored. oh well.

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    I don't think we'll see any ANH lightsabers in this film.

    The ANH lightsabers look cheap and less impressive or refined as the sabers built with the resources of the Temple. This is in regard to qualities expressed withing the fantasy context of the film (personally I love the classic lightsabers and think they look awesome). However those lightsabers don't have fancy red buttons from the 'fancy red button factory' etc. and look like they were built from more primative stock.

    That makes me think the ANH lightsabers were built on the run, and they got lucky they had focusing crystals, or whatever it takes. I think it would be interesting if the famous ANH/ESB Skywalker lightsaber was constructed out of parts removed from R2D2 and C-3PO.

    As to AOTC, I think Obi-Wan has a blue saber throughout the film.
    Remind me where, if anywhere, we see him use a green one.

    With regards to Anakin, remind me where (before Geonosis) we see him using a green lightsaber. I think he borrowed that one AFTER he's chained up to be sacraficed to the reek monsters. Probably from just some random fallen Jedi, or if Dooku was Qui-Gon's master, for some reason the lightsaber could've been his, though I doubt it's the exact one. The second blue lightsaber Anakin uses is likely Obi-Wan's, borrowed from his master when Obi-Wan is injured by the Count. Bythe way, the comic and novel JEDI QUEST which was specifically authorized by Lucasfilm to tell the tale of Anakin's first mission with a lightsaber, specifically states Anakin creates a BLUE blade. It does not look like the ANH Skywalker lightsaber, though.

    Will he use two lightsabers at the same time even? Hard to say. I actually question that for 3 reasons:

    1) Anakin loses his original blue lightsaber that slew the Tusken Raiders when he's captured. Otherwise, he wouldn't have needed the green one in the first place. This blue saber is now out of the film.

    2) We see in the Dark Side Lightning scene, Anakin seem to lose the green saber he's using after the arena scene. Well...technically it shuts off, and next, we know in a following scene he's only fighting with another blue saber - presumably Obi-Wan's. That is about so many seconds later in the movie, right before Dooku almost finishes him, and Master Yoda settles the score.

    3) If Anakin loses his arm, that could explain how he still ends up with only Obi-Wan's blue one. (the green one getting cut off). It would be a testimony to his strength (or rage) if he continues to fight with only one arm. However, I can't see that in any of the trailers, so I doubt that, too. But TFN was reporting Anakin WILL lose an arm. Obi-Wan's TPM saber will be returned to him, and Anakin may have to yet build another new one, or surrender his old one if he leaves the Jedi Order.

    If Anakin leaves the Jedi Order and marries Padme at the end of the film, necessity might require him to build a new lightsaber to protect himself and his wife, and the ANH Skywalker lightsaber may be built from unconventional parts (such as from Threepio and R2) on Naboo (off screen) between Episodes 2 and 3.

    Without the resources of the temple, hence the different style and look.

    What's the deal with Obi-Wan's ANH lightsaber: I think it's probably an Episode 3 plot point. Maybe he even throws away his TPM lightsaber he thinks killed his padawan. Then Obi-Wan builds his ANH offscreen, between 3 & 4.

    And Qui-Gon's lightsaber? In a Star Wars Tales satire, paralleling Pulp Fiction, Mace Windu told Yoda he had the lightsaber and planned on giving it to Anakin. Yoda did not respond politely to that. Why was it even in there? In Star Wars Tales? It had nothing to do with the Pulp Fiction spoof that was going on, so I think it was a plant to sneak a hint and a reason for paying attention to the EU in, so fans would chase clues to Episode 2 (such as in Jedi Quest, which has other important details besides Anakin's lightsaber).

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    the saber anakin begins the episode 2 with is a combination of luke's graflex and vader's original trilogy saber. all three have the "windshield wiper" hand grips. and the "activator" area, the band around the middle of the hilt is black, just like vaders saber, but the emitter is chrome, where as vader's was black.

    i was assuming the blade for his saber was green based on the breathing trailer and the unlikley event of lucas giving both jedi the same colored blade.

    there are numerous photos of anakin's saber, and posted a real scan of anakin's saber a while back. GNT reposted it here in this section. anyway, it looks just like vader's saber, very OT, unlike obi-wan's or qui-gon's.

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    Just for reference. Here are a couple of images of anakin using his saber and a couple of sabers that Anakin is known to have built.

    In the first Anakin image, we see the base of the handle. Note that it has the windshield wipers like the other two. Also note, the winsheild wipers dont start at the very bottom like Luke's, but start just a little way from the bottom like Darth's.

    In the second Anakin image, we see the business end of the handle (albeit, not very well). It appears to have the same shape as the other two sabers, and based on the reflection on it from the blade, I beleive it to be chrome, not black.

    My guess? I think it is the Luke saber, but they built a new prop handle for this movie instead of using the original.

    I mean, why wouldn't they? They built a new Yoda for Episode 1...
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    Re: tycho,

    Originally posted by derek
    ..."activator" area, the band around the middle of the hilt is black, just like vaders saber, but the emitter is chrome, where as vader's was black.

    ...there are numerous photos of anakin's saber, and posted a real scan of anakin's saber a while back. GNT reposted it here in this section...

    Could you put up a link to the location of this photo? I cant find it.
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    anikans lightsaber.

    his in, the trailer forbidden love, looks almost exactly like lukes! at the begging when anikan is saying just beign around her is so...intoxicating, look at his lightsaber and look at obi-wans. he has his old one from tpm..

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    Here's another photo from the trailer. I can see the black band around the middle that was mentioned above, but not very well.

    Does anybody have a better photo?
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