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    Marvel Select vs. Marvel Legends...

    I'm not trying to ask which line is better (I've seen pictures of both, and I like the looks of the two lines), but I want to know if they're in scale with each other.
    For some reason I'm assuming that the Select line is larger than the Marvel Legends line.
    I only ask because I want to start buying some of both of these, but there is an Elektra for each line (I think) and I just want to know which one I should get. But if they're not in scale with each other, I can buy both of them...

    Oh, and I know that I'm late in the game with buying Legends (and I know I'll have a heck of a time locating some of the earlier stuff), so don't give me any flack for that .

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    Hey Lman, you're right: the MS line is slightly bigger than the ML line. MS are in scale as 7", while ML is 6". I got the MS Elektra to go w/my ML collection (before I knew they were making a ML one), and she is taller than most regular ML figures (just a little bit).

    I'm going for the whole ML set myself, with a few MS & Spiderman Classics figs speckled in there. Works out great for me!

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    Isn't it also true that the Marvel Select line is statues where the Marvel Legends are action figures?
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    Basically yeah. The Marvel Select toys have almost no articulation, as least the ones I have seen around here. Spidey and Punisher.
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    Yep, pretty much statues. Or you could compare them to articulation on other figs like McFarlane or DC direct.

    Looks like they're getting better though. I notice that a few of the new ones coming out have a bit more articulation (Logan, Hulk, Venom). Logan and Hulk have ball jointed shoulders and articulated elbows at least, but still no where near ML articulation.

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    I collect Marvel Legends over Marvel Select. I prefer the scale better. I'm really into articulation and Legends beats them all. Plus Legends comes out faster with more figures.
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    Not to mention Marvel Selects are over 30 bucks a pop (up here anyway), and I can get two ML figures and change for that.

    Noteworthy: My TRU just got ML series 3 in stock, with a disproportionate number of movie DD's. If anyone needs him, I can pick up as many as 5 or 6 of these as soon as tomorrow. I don't know if he ever got common down south or not???

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    When they hell are they going to make Colossus ? I need him.

    Reason, just for comparison, the Marvel Select are $20 here while the Legends are $8.

    I've only seen Elektra and Captain Canada America for the Select Line around here.

    They made a Legend Elektra? Cool . . . how about a movie version to go with my Legend Daredevil ? :happy:

    When they hell are they going to make Colossus ? I need him.

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    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........I don't know Caesar. Colossus is a great character (when handled properly by Chris Claremont - everyone else makes him something he's not: a bad guy), but I don't know if he's a heavy enough hitter for this line. I've been asking for "X-Men Legends" for some time now, a line in which he'd at least crack the top ten. It would only make sense for ToyBiz to crank these out, but they're busy with the X2 stuff for the time being.

    Im seeing X2 tomorrow at noon, so if I come home and see that he was in the movie (yes, Im seeing your avatar but I can't make it out on my craputer) I'll jump on the bandwagon for a super poseable Colossus! The Nightcrawler figure is pretty well done.

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    I picked up Marvel Select Ultimate Iron Man yesterday and he fits in quite nicely with my Marvel Legends. Plus he looks kickass! The articulation is ever so slightly improving on these figures. But the price tag keeps me from getting serious about a complete run. I may just stick to the Ultimates as they come out. Hulk is coming and I can probably track down Captain America if I have to.
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