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    Enter the Matrix...will you own it?

    Personally, I am a had core fan, and am currently preparing for all things Matrix (just conquered my Buffy game), and think (translation: hope) that this game rocks. Will folks here pick it up? Which system? I gues on 05/15 we will see if this is sweet or not.

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    Thankfully it's coming on every system....Xbox, PC, PS2, Gamecube....

    Go to, the official gamesite....there's a documentary you can view that shows just how much the game ties into the movie! It's amazing. The guys that wrote/directed the movies wrote the game story and approved of everything in it!

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    I am pretty sure I will be owning this.
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    I think that I am going to wait as so many high profile games turn out to be junk. Perhaps I will buy it used.
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    I'll probably get it. So far everything Matrix has been great, I'm sure the game will be too!

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    Tell you what, for those on the bubble about this, I will pick this up 05/15 (already preordered); once I play this for a bit, I'll give a mini review on the look, controls, and camera - the things that tend to concern most folks. That way, for those that want this but are afraid this will not be good, it'll make your decision easier. I am getting the xbox one, and the review will be based on this - I'll be as objective as I can be

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    I'll be picking it up on XBOX also. Absolutely can't wait!

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    I will definately be playing this- but I doubt I'll be buying, more likely renting. I only buy XBox Live games any more, unless I find good prices on used games (plus my atari collection fettish).

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    Check out the new issue of X-Box magazine, the demo disc has a pretty cool trailer for the game.

    Looks like it's gona be a great game! Apparently there's an hour of Matrix movie footage (done by the Wachowski Bros) that you can only get in the game...... Damn, I'll have to buy it for sure now!

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    Yeah, count me in. I won't get it until summer, when i have that thing called "money" but any reviews (for ps2, if possible, but i'm curious for all formats) will be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
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