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    Newly Discovered Feature on TRU exlcusive X-Wing!

    "Newly discovered"? Uh, yeah. I didn't realize that it was big secret.

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    Yeah that's been known ever since it came out, how is this new?..

    For people who think me and Stilla are crazy talking about nothing look at the article on the front page by the same name.
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    I must admit I did wonder what you were on about!

    I could have sworn that this newly discovered feature was referred to on the box. I guess I could have just read about it in a review somewhere instead.

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    "Discovered" in the way that Columbus "discovered" America, perhaps

    I'm sure those million or so natives loved being "found" not knowing they were ever lost


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    OOOOHHHHHH! So you are suppose to put the accessories in there! I get it!

    *secretly scopes out the lime jello*
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    I knew about the compartment too. I think I read about it right here on the forums. Did anybody get more than one of the new x-wings? I got one with plans on getting at least two more, but they are just to big. I am glad I have one saga x-wing, but I still like my little ones from POTF2.
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    I never knew about it. I was wondering what you were supposed to do with all that stuff that came with it. If it was on the box, then I missed it.

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    Rebelscum showed it in their picture archive at the time of release or prior. And I recall several discussions here that mentioned it. I think Artoosnews also have it shown pictorially in their archive.

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    Man when I saw that you Stillakid posted about it, I was like wait a minute, but then I read it. How lame is this. Some stuff that is way more important never sees the light of day and this gets the front page.
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    I'm also wandering how this made front page news on this site, especially this far after the fact. It's gotta be a slow news day, or hmmmm...
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