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    Why Do You Collect One of Every Figure?

    Yeah, I have that sickness that makes me want to get at least one of everything, no matter how crappy it is.

    I've been trying to figure out why that might be and all I can come up with is this: I wasn't a "collector" back in the day. I was just a kid that liked the movies a whole lot and I ended up getting a bunch of figures for Christmas and birthdays. Well, 1983 happened to land at about the same time as my entry into high school and full fledged puberty. Alas, girls took priority over toys and the POTF coin line went unbought.

    Fast-forward to the relatively recent future and the Special Editions. For some reason, those HeMan-type Star Wars action figures were good enough to ignite that still glowing ember that had lain mostly dormant for the better part of 20 years. No official proclamation came forth mind you, but it soon became clear that I would do whatever was necessary to secure one of every figure released. Perhaps it was because they all just caught my fancy, or maybe it was just because I didn't wish to repeat the past. But whatever the reason, it's been an enjoyable, albeit expensive, hobby and I hope to continue it as long as I can.

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    Because I have a problem!

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    Stillakid, it sounds like you and I have almost the same problem. In my earlier years though, I had only so much disposable cash, no credit cards, and no car to get me around to the stores whenever I wanted. Throw in a father who didn't want me spending my money on Star Wars, and well you get the picture.

    Now come to the time when the Special Edition came out. Had a job, a place of my own, a car, and some cash, and credit. Now I want to get all that I can, and at least one of every figure. Maybe it has something to do with not having been able to get a nice collection together when I was younger. My dad, the last time I showed him pictures of my room, said it looked like a toy store.
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    Oh yes, and lest we forget, on the of the action figures card, it says "Collect all these exciting Star Wars Action Figures". I am just doing Hasbro's bidding.
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    Why Do You Collect One of Every Figure?

    This one's easy, I don't, atleast, not any more.

    You see, I feel Hasbro has done such a terrible job with the new figures that, ever since SAGA, I have stopped collecting one of every figure. Now I only buy what I want/like.

    BTW, that means almost none of the "Deluxe" figures.
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    The only modern line that I have one of every figure is Episode I. And of course all the non POTF, Droids, Ewoks Vintage figures

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    It's a trap!!!

    Well, I never set out to collect one of each figure. But after months of searching high and low to find a couple that I want, when I finally find something new I pick it up even if it is not that great.

    My best example is the Death Star escape Han Solo or whatever they called it. A useless figure, but when I finally found it hanging there, I had to have it! Same thing with Shimi Skywalker. Not a very interesting figure, but I have one. If I was able to go in and get what I want with no trouble, I would be more picky, but the giant star wars monkey (or gorilla) on my back has me pick up a lot of what I don't need.
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    It's no secret that I am insane.
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    It is a sick, sick addition. Much like I have for coffee and chocolate...
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    I think I've got this future-dream or something of a "play room" where I can set all this stuff up. Not strictly scenes, but something in that fuzzy area between diorama and display. So, in that vein, I suppose that's one reason I'd like a complete collection. It's kind of like this guy I know who collects the signatures of United States Presidents. While it's cool to see the individual names, there is undeniable value in having them all together in one room. Same for these Star Wars toys for me I think.

    As far as complaining goes, I think that the only one I've ever come down on, at least publicly (and probably to myself even) was this new "flying" R2. Forget the Star Wars angle, it's not even a good toy really. I think what really threw me with that one was that it was released about the same time as the new rubberarm Mace, which is an excellent toy. I can only assume that there are different "teams" of designers and such which would explain the vast chasms of quality that become evident on occasion.


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