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    Are you happy that there are only will be 6 movies?

    I must say that I am glad that GL will only have 6 of them made. Don't get me wrong here because I will be a little sad when the credits roll in Episode 3 and I know that I will never see a new Star Wars movie again. But I think that if he made the third trilogy it just would not be nearly as good as if he stuck to the original plan of just six movies. What do you guys think?
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    I think ROTJ's ending is perfect, it couldn't be better, it ties up the whole story perfectly . If an Episode VII comes along it would totaly destroy the perfect ending, and a whole new ending whould have to be created to tie up the whole Star Wars story. I am totaly made up that 6 is all there is will be .

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    I am happy with six. For a long time I have wondered about the rumored 9 movies. Six is good enough for me. I am a simple man, with simple wants...six is great.
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    I am perfectly happy with only six movies. There is nowhere for the story to go, ROTJ is a perfect finale to a 6 part saga. I definatly don't want to see somthing like what's going on with NJO. That's a terrible storyline, even for the EU. It makes The Emperor and the Empire look like a nursing home community instead of the most powerful military force in the galaxy.

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    Six is good for me too. Yes, it will be sad to see the credits roll on the last movie knowing that there will never be another, but one can always speculate

    If there were nine movies, the only thing I would consider something that could be good as the last 3 are the Zahn trilogy books made into movies. That way, since it is EV, we could take it or leave it at our will.

    IMO, I truly believe that the story should end at Jedi!
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    Yes and no. I'm happy because Lucas won't be able to pollute with CGI again, but I'm sad because now SW fan communities may become less and less, making it easier to lose contact with my friends.
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    Originally posted by LTBasker
    Yes and no. I'm happy because Lucas won't be able to pollute with CGI again, but I'm sad because now SW fan communities may become less and less, making it easier to lose contact with my friends.
    Ok, I got it, so that we don't lose contact, because that is a sad thought....

    first, after Ep3 has come and gone, I'm guessing we'll get about 2 years of figures from hasbro, ending just in time for the release of the ENTIRE sixology set on DVD. This gives us about 3 years to keep talking about star wars. THEN, GL will rerelease the six movies, say the first three in one year and the second 3 in the next year, so now we're still talking about star wars to 2010, then with the rereleases will come about another year's worth of star wars talk so 2011 and finally, he'll rerelease the dvd set of all six ONE LAST TIME and that will give us about another year to talk star wars so now we're looking at 2012. Then I give us another 5 years to completely talk all of it into oblivion and by that time it will be the 40th anniversary of Star Wars ANH so everything will get rereleased AGAIN!

    Serioulsy, it could happen this way!!
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    Originally posted by LTBasker
    Yes and no. I'm happy because Lucas won't be able to pollute with CGI again, but I'm sad because now SW fan communities may become less and less, making it easier to lose contact with my friends.
    I hear you LTBasker, after it's all said and done, what will there be left to talk about. Who know's Peter Jackson might decide to do 7,8, and 9 with Lucas's permission and a good writer. If not I guess I'll just look at all the money I spent on toys that hardly get played with by my son and I and slap myself for being so childish.

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    The story ends at ROTJ. Any sequels would be more of unnecessary extentions to the story than a continuation of it, like The Godfather Part III. It would be cool to see spin-off type movies, not continuing the main story, but exploring other stories in the SW universe. They wouldn't be Episode VII, ect., but would be independent from the saga. Something like the Ewok movies, but better.
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    Hmm, a rock and a hard place.

    After talking with a friend some time ago, it came to my attention that the saga really isn't over with ROTJ. While it came to a nice sit-commy end and all, they do say over and over again that "once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny." Luke indeed began down that path regardless of his near-martyr-like decision at the end. If you take the warning very literally, Luke is doomed to repeat the sins of the father. It makes complete sense if you sit down and logically follow it through to conclusion.

    The story would naturally take the course of Leia training and becoming a Jedi. Luke has always been the rash one only truly interested in his own selfish desires. Leia consistently displayed her commitment to the greater good even at the risk of her own life. So, while Luke led the new Republic, he would do it in a manner that would ultimately lead to it's destruction from within just as had happened before. Recognizing this, Leia would confront her brother. Just as Anakin had faced Obi Wan so many years ago secure in his belief that he was doing the right thing, Luke too would battle Leia even as she tried to open his eyes to the terrible truth that he had unwittingly succumbed to the dark path.

    It would culminate with Leia becoming the Gandhi figure and allowing Luke to strike her down. Only with her death can Luke finally realize what he had become. Knowing that he can never be truly saved, he must take his own life in order to free the galaxy from the darkside forever.

    Based on a lot of the crappy dialogue in AOTC, it looks like Lucas wants to inject some Shakespeare into the saga. The Third Trilogy is the perfect opportunity for it. Plus there are plenty of Jesus and religious comparisons to be milked as well as the usual cadre of mythological elements ripe for the taking.

    However, I began this by saying a rock and a hard place. While the story potential is certainly there, it would take a good writer (like the help he had with the original trilogy) to pull it off. Based on his behavior with the Prequels, he'd more likely run the franchise into the ground and doom it to the "jumped the shark" graveyard of concepts.

    To quote a phrase, "it's possible, however unlikely..." So, yes, it should just be put to bed as quickly as possible.


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