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    Question On a guessing level when do you think new pics will surface?

    I'm totally fooled right out of my pajamas on this one,So on a guessing level when do you think we'll see new shots of Sketch tropper,dignatarys (SP?), And Bail.I heard that they may be featured at the next comic-con but I don't know when that is?

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    Hopefully soon! That's all I gotta say about that!

    Well, not really. It would be great if they showed them at ComicCon since I will most likely go there but that's quite a ways off. Plus they haven't even updated the RM Trooper pictures either. I have a feeling, I don't know why, that we aren't even going to see the RM Trooper until 2004. Usually Hasbro is pretty quick with producing sketched and first molds of the Fan Choice long ago did we vote for that trooper and STILL no update?

    Just my 2 cents on the matter. Hopefully something will get updated soon
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    My guess....on or around May 25th.
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    Tomorrow. Well I hope they do it soon.
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