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    Fixed Boba Fett: Pit of Carkoon

    Heres the pic of my custom, keep in mind that the colors are off because of the flash from the camera heres what I did....

    *Fixed his jetpack to look more like it does in the movie
    *added more rust(2 different colors) and scratches to the armor
    *added dirt to the shoes and lower leg area
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    Ryo, your picture isn't showing up. Can't wait to see it!
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    looks very cool although, as you said, the colors in the pic are a bit off, too much grey IMO, but if it's because of the flash I guess the actual fig looks petty cool
    definitly an improvement on the jetpack too
    good work
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    Cool! Looks great! Could we see it with all of the flames and stuff too?
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    Yeah, i'll take another picture a little later, and i'll try to fix the flash so that it doesnt mess up the colors.

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