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    Shadows of the Empire Dead,alive,or being revived?

    just wondering If hasbro is going to be making more figs from Shadows of the empire? Just wondering if anyone has heard something.
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    No way, that line in the 90's died a fast, but painful death. The figures sat on the pegs for years. I think the Clone Wars line will to, although I hope it doesn't.
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    SOTE came and went. It was a nice tie in with the book, video game, CD, figures, etc.

    They should do another tie in!
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    I thought sote was cool. It was right around the time the whole star wars line started up again. So I was buying everything and anything star wars at the time. I thought xizor, and the idea of black sun was cool as well. I still wish they would make the virago, and Guri too for that matter. while we are at how about a Kyle Katarn and a moldy crow ship from dark forces....and on and on....!

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    We do have a Kyle Katarn, not a great version but they did make one.
    As for SOTE I thinks very unlikely we'll get any more figures. It was a test run.
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    Bring On The Shadows Toys!!!

    I want a Guri! And a new articulated Xizor!
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    I thought the Luke/Coruscant Guard figure was pretty slick. I'd like to get more of those puppies for a cool army.
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    I'm all about a Guri figure! Talk about nicely drawn


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    Originally posted by JangoFart
    I'm all about a Guri figure! Talk about nicely drawn

    Depends on which version you're after. The comic where she's on her quest to find her Identity, the image of her from the "Guide to...", or the Hidlebrant's version. I think there's one more sketch of her some place, but I can't remember...

    I'd vote the comic one myself with the torn outfit.

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    I liked the SOTE line a lot, lets hope that one day we get Guri and Lebo.
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