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    When will it end?

    Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I was wondering if there was an official date when the Saga line will end? Meaning, will the Saga line end when the Clone Wars line comes out? Or will the Saga line continue into 2004?

    Anyone, anyone?

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    I think the Saga line will continue until Episode 3 *might* lead them to redesign the cards.

    The Clone Wars selections will have their own cards for a little while. If they sell like we've predicted, expect there to be 2 cardstyles shipping simultaneously for a while - similar to how the EU with the cardboard scenes on the backs shipped at the same time regular collection figures came out. Just like Shadows, too.
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    I think the Collection 2 figures will still be called SAGA, and Collection 1 will be CLONE WARS, but the SAGA cards will be similar to the CLONE WARS packaging with the die-cut inserts and the movie title on the left side going up the card.
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    Here ya go.
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    Why is Shaak Ti in Wat Tambors plastic prison?
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    It's a sample from the toy show in March
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    I gotta say, the more I see those cards...the nicer they look.

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    Saga seems to be going pretty well, so I can see it lasting until EpIII. I would however be shocked if they don't go though a bif rebranding exercise for the EpIII cards.

    After that there will probably just be the one further design to see us through until the end of collecting (depending upon whether anything else is amde, like a TV series afterwards)


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