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    What figure would you like to see be made or re-made

    Hey all

    What figure would you like to see be released in the near future. Either a figure never released of a figure that already was released, but re-done. Tell my what you think.
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    I wish they would make Darth Bane, the Sith Lord. I wish they would make it just like the picture shown in the newest star wars book of characters
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    They need to finish out the Star Wars Shadows line with Dash's droid and Prince Xisor's body guard!

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    My vote, finish off the vintage figures, and more Ewoks!!!
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    Dannik Jerriko, the Arcona or the Lamproid all from the Cantina scene...hey...sounds more of a Saga Cantina Wave 3!

    Dream on baby, dream on...
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    One figure?


    I have been wanting this guy for ages. . .

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    I agree with the call for the ewoks.

    However, if there was one figure to be made then it is the leather gear Padme - just not with a scary face!

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    Yarna D'al Gargan. True. \M/ \M/

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    I'd like to see a EU line made again,with less cartoon-y figures.
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    I don't kow that is a toughie to choose from. I would like Yarna as well. Finishing off the vintage line would be cool and so would the Ewoks.
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