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    My opinion, they look like Lego knock offs and bad ones at that. I'm quite the purist when it comes to Legos and it takes a lot to change my mind once I've make a decision like that. In other words I have no interest in them.
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    Thumbs up

    I think they are nice looking, they are a bit bigger that Lego and the best part is most of the boxed series have some type of variant. A bit expensive though, but i ussually go to ebay or sites like that import Star Wars items. If you wait long enough Comic shops get them through Diamond after a few months.

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    I think they are GREAT! I have some other Kubricks (Marvel heroes, Jin Roh), and they are awesome little figures. I've also been eyeing the recently released Trigun set.

    They're actually made from a very nice quality plastic, and some have removable accessories/outfits (I can take all the armor and helmet off my Jin Roh).

    I would buy the Bounty Hunter set in a heartbeat if I could find 'em at a reasonable price, but am not interested in the early bird set for some reason....

    If they ever relase a Darth Vader, I'm so there (even at collector prices!).

    edit: oh yeah, they're a lot of fun too! I have my Wolvie & Spider-Man on my desk at work. Every day I come in and someone has either switched the limbs on 'em, or put them in some compromising position. I get a nice laugh every AM!

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    I've been reading about them for the past year or more and haven't been impressed. I can't stand how "cute" they look, and I'm surprised that people fall for it.

    Having said that, I do like the Bounty Hunter asst and was going to look into thier price, but if they're $100, well fuhgedaboutit!


    At the TRU where I was recently able to buy Ephant Mon they also had Stikfas, but at 7-10$ per set, well fuhgedaboutit2! I work too hard for my money to waste it...

    ...on anything but SW
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    I'd love to have the hunter set, but like above 100 bucks for over sized legos, forget it. I'd pay no more than 5 bucks a figure. Yeah and we all know how likely that will happen. Does FS have both sets?
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    Thumbs down Neh..

    There have been few Star Wars products i have been less interested in...


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    Originally posted by jblodgett
    Why are these things only being offered in Japan????? Does this make an ounce of sense to anyone?
    Well, might be something to do with the fact that Medicom Toys is a japanese company.

    Kubricks are fun. I bought two of the Mazinger Z sets a while back when my local comic book store had them. It's a fun way to get a slightly more detailed Lego-ish character of something that Lego would probably never make. We've a number of Japanese markets and toy shops here in LA, but you can find them online and perhaps your own local comic book shop can order them (through Diamond.) The three figure sets that I've seen retail for around $15.

    The Star Wars sets are some of the best I've seen. I hope to find them ... and having to hunt around a bit makes it just that much more fun.

    Check out the Kubrick section at Medicom Toys.

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    While they are certainly cool looking - they would have to significantly come down in price before I got sucked in.... I cant justify paying 100 bucks for 6 lil lego-looking figs..

    its bad enough they have small lots of clone trooper lego figs on Ebay for 25 bucks..

    ( and then - get this.. someone put the hands and head from one of the basketball legos on a lego fig, and they are selling it as a one of a kind LANDO lego fig.. for close to 100 bucks! ( hope that aint any of you!! ) )

    over all - price drop, Ill have the whole set.. but not until then!
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    I only like realistic to-scale figures . . .

    . . . these look silly to me, like toddler toys. But that's just my opinion.
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    A truly love them or hate them product I think.
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