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    Who collects the Kubricks' Star Wars?

    Steve and I thought this might be a bit off the beaten path of general Star Wars discussions held here.

    But recently a big deal is being made about these Kubricks figures.

    I don't know much more about them and haven't seen them personally, so I'll shut up.

    But for those of you who have some more to discuss, please post whatever information or opinions you have to offer.

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    I'm not a big Kubrick collector or anything, I own 1 set of Kubricks (Blair Witch). But I really like these Star Wars Kubricks, from the pics I've seen anyway.

    I really want to buy these, I'm just waiting until I have the extra cash, maybe after my High School reunion this summer.

    I have been a fan of the idea, of making Star Wars based Kubricks ever since the knock-offs hit the market a few years ago. I would love to see them do all of those sets for the official line, especially the Han in carbonite.

    I also love the "Early Bird" idea they came up with for the first set!

    The one thing I don't like is that stupid "Chase" figure idea.
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    I have enough trouble trying to keep up with Hasbro's line, and they sell that stuff in THIS country. I just don't want to get sucked in.

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    Well, I thought I had a couple of the Star Wars Kubricks, but they ended up being some crappy knock off. I did just win some Kubricks on eBay, and the seller had 100% positive feedback. I'm hoping to get the real deal this time. I don't know if I'll find the first set, for what I think is a reasonable price.
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    I have enough trouble trying to keep up with Hasbro's line, and they sell that stuff in THIS country.
    That's because of Hasbro's lousy distribution, heck, they seemed to stop shipping for 6 months!?!?

    Well, I thought I had a couple of the Star Wars Kubricks, but they ended up being some crappy knock off.
    There have only been 2 official Kubrick sets (as far as I know), the "Early Bird" set and now the Bounty Hunters. The chances are if you bought anything else, it's some cheap knock-off.
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    If I could find them anywhere else except at Frank and Ripoffs, I'd collect these lil buggars...the star wars ones anyway. I just like the look of them...I happen to like little things
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    I put I am thinking about it. They look kinda cool, but I can't find them anywhere except online. Guess I will just wait and see.
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    Why are these things only being offered in Japan????? Does this make an ounce of sense to anyone???????/ If these things were available in the US they would sell like hotcakes!

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    Okay, I just used the link to Brian's Toys, and oh my God! $100 for a set? For six 2 inch figures? Screw Kubrick and Brian.


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