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    PS2 Games

    How come the PS2 seems to have less star wars games than the Xbox or Gamecube. It's very disheartening! I really would like to play some of the other games, but quite frankly am not going to buy any more consoles.

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    I think the consoles have contracts with Lucas Arts or something to some degree as to how many they are going to get.
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    I'm sure Scruff is right on the contract thing. Lucky for me, it seems like Xbox is gettting the bulk of them now (no Rogue Squad 2?). I have a PS2 also, so as long as it's not a GC only I'll get a taste of it. Actually, I'm going to try and pick me up and Xbox sometime this summer, as during the summer I work a lot extra and have some spare cash for things like that , if not time to play them .

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