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    Smile figtrade: i got veers/sio/sy/joh/droopy/spacetrooper/batdam-droideka/r4m9/holor2s etc

    guess it was time to update this thred's title since my offerings have changed somewhat
    tradable figs i offer:
    moc reeyees (bend on card)
    moc battle-damaged droideka (dented bubble)
    momc r2q5
    moc potj r4m9 (bend on card)
    2 momc r2 w/hoeias
    o-o-p but mint:
    battle-damaged droideka
    sio bibble (w/pistol and commtech chip)
    general veers (atat commander)
    sullustian pilot
    rancor luke (w/bone)
    droopy mccool (w/horn)
    sy snootles
    joh yowzah
    last 3 were walmart xclusives, veers came only in atat toy, luke sculpt came only w/rancor and sullust pilot's from targ-xclusive bwing (i also may be able to offer more of these pilots).
    what i seek are startours figs, specifically: one r3d3, one or two r4m9s & maybe the ones we've yet to see pix of figs must be in near-perfect shape but their packages don't have to be cuz i'll open them anyway
    questions welcome, here's some of my references, reply here or via email, feel free to combine these offerings & wants w/anything from my loose accessories trade offer

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    I may have an extra R3D3. The fig is mint, but the bubble it's in is a little crushed. It was smuggled to me from CA in a suitcase. : ) I'd be willing to trade for your General Veers. Send me a PM if you're interested.

    Dr. Z
    "Smeeeeee....Heeeeeee...." -- Kryten 4000

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    Thumbs up sounds good drz; mssg has been sent2you :)

    meanwhile, until further notice my veers has been spoken for

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    Tried to send you an email, but I received an error message stating that your hotmail inbox was full.
    "Smeeeeee....Heeeeeee...." -- Kryten 4000

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    Unhappy yup, i was afraid of that; spam & my own need to save much correspondence. . .

    . . .frequently conspire to bounce mail from my fellow hoemail users which is one reason i prefer to conduct most trade correspondence here on the forum (the other reason being ongoing public documentation of my sterling trade rep ). i try to keep box clear but just in case it's always more dependable to just post a reply here
    btw in my last reply to you i forgot to mention that if you can spare a sith probe droid i'll be happy to trade you my clonecannon; just one idea

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    Gotcha! Sorry I don't have an extra sith probe droid for trade, so it will just need to be fig for fig. I plan on mailing out your package tomorrow and with any luck you'll have it by end of next week.
    "Smeeeeee....Heeeeeee...." -- Kryten 4000

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    if you wish. . .

    . . .but i'm willing to send along clonecannon now, in case you think you might score me a sithdroid (or somethin else i need) later, just say so either way, shouldn't be too much longer afore your pkg veers its way towards you

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    Thumbs up drz's r3d3 has just arrived a-ok, so he gets the veers :)

    also, interest in sullustian pilot has been email-expressed, so until further notice that's spoken for too

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    Hope you enjoy the little droid! I'll keep my eyes peeled for the veers.
    "Smeeeeee....Heeeeeee...." -- Kryten 4000

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    Red face didn't mean to keep your peeled eyes waiting This long. . .

    . . .but since you said wouldn't be ready to send for a coupla weeks. . . oh wait that was like Three weeks ago, wasn't it? was waiting to hear back from you re post 7 offer above; also was hoping to have pkgs for swaffy, gsj, jedigoofy and sullust-pilot wanter (above) ready to take to post orofice with yours, but finally got fed up w/myself & just took yours by itself yesterday also left you good trade feedback, feel free to reciprocate here when veers lands (i like to keep all my trade feedback on same thred for ez reference )
    note to others: haven't heard back from other trader yet, so if i don't soon sullustian pilot will again be available
    thanx again drz, luv the r3d3 :happy:


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