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Thread: Ephant Mons

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    Post Ephant Mons

    Hey all

    I've noticed lately that Ephant Mon seems to be a huge needed figure. I was wondering who has one, and how needs one. In the past I've seen some now and then. For X-Mas I bought 4 of them and gave them out as present's to friends that collect. So who's got em
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    I just found 2 so I'm good to go. If I see him again, I will buy him again. I can not say enough about this figure. Its perfect!
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    I have one but have never seen one. I traded some comics that a friend wanted for one thta he had extra. A trade well worth it in my opinion. If I do find any I will pick em up for people that don't have them. If I get stuck with them so be it, it is a great figure. I do want another to open for myself though.
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    I have one, carded thanks to someone here at SSG. I won a second open one on eBay. After I got the carded figure, I had to have an open figure. If I see another, I will definitly pick one up.
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    I have one, but would like to get another one to open. Since Canada doesn't have Ephant, I'd say that's pretty impossible.
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    I have only ever seen one on a peg here and I got it.

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    I will find him one day! He will be mine! Oh Yes.....

    oh who am I kidding? There's never one those in the midst of those blasted Jango Pilots. Or Dexter Jettsters. Or The entire Bespin wave my KB got..

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    I have yet to see one. My local retailers also got a huge shipment of bespin waves. Unbelievable! Pegs clogged with Vader, Like and of course arena Padme...

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    I been having one,I need another one,any help would be appreciated.....

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    I have only seen one--at my own local Walmart. I couldn't believe it. I snatched it up in a heartbeat!


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