For those of you that were not aware is runninga pretty good sale. They have bundled a bunch of figures and you get 2 for $4.99. There are even some army building matches.

I ordered about a week ago and received my 8 figures (2 x Red Clone, Ki Adi Mundi, Watto, Padme Pilot, Vader Bespin, Tusekn w. massif and Endor Trooper - I cannot recall which was with which - but a great deal for under $30).

First - the problem (for those of you MOMC folks). They put a big sticker on each figure. It came off for the most part - not too bad with one or two minor exceptions. Furthermore, they were not packed terribly well - dented bubbles etc. That's fine with me as I open almost everything - but be warned if it does matter to you.

Now, for the nice surprise. The Endor trooper was the non-bearded version. The pictues at KB were of the bearded version (which I have) so this was a nice bonus.

All-in-all a good deal, and was a economic way to round out some of those late 2002 figs + add a few to the armies!

Checked it out this morning and the promo is still running. They seemed to have most of the assortments left as well.