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    Exclamation Keep Watching The Stores: New Figures On The Way!!

    This is great news for those areas that still are suffering from a lack of new figures at retail. From Rebelscum:
    Hasbro Going The Extra Mile?

    Mark: If you've spent any considerable amount of time at your local retail chain you probably saw it; teal vested Hasbro reps filling shopping carts with older slow moving stock. As we've come to learn, this is usually done to make room for newer figures and toys but according to one well informed reader there may be a new wrinkle to this fold.

    "This week (Toy 'R' Us) stores have had pretty much any/all older or non-selling figures pulled to be sent back to Hasbro... Which means, finally, new figures will be heading to TRU's most everywhere in the next several weeks. They are coming to warehouses via abnormal methods by Hasbro to re-inject stores with newer waves, so they could be at Midwest stores in a week, or maybe 3."

    So what could "abnormal methods" refer to? While Hasbro has so far been unavailable to comment, we know according to one Kay Bee employee Star Wars figures were apparently arriving at Kay Bee stores via Federal Express at various times last year. Could Hasbro be bypassing standard shipping methods to get new toys to market sooner? Would Hasbro go as far as FedEx’ing these toys to ensure collectors can find what they're looking for? Short of official confirmation from the toy maker, we may never know for sure, but one thing is certain; collectors looking to catch up on the figures and toys released so far this year will do well to watch their local Toys 'R' Us (and likely Wal-Mart and Target stores) over the next few weeks. More news on this story as it develops.
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    I've been lucky at my walmarts over the last month (except this week ;( ), able to get most everything that I want, but the TRU's around here are HORRIBLE! They always hold out to the last available second to sell the older figures when obviously the market for them is saturated beyond capacity, just like it took them forever to put that 12" Sandtrooper and Dewback on sale...I saw that thing sitting for over a year (tons of them) still for $79.99 with an inch of dust....duhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Well, I'm glad things should be moving now!
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    This is great news! Good idea hasbro. Its about time!
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    Good news and good timing.
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    I'll just throw in my $0.02 so take it for what it's worth.

    I was talking with a TRU employee last Friday about the lack of newer figures in that particular store. He told me (I don't know where his 411 came from) that they were expecting new figures around the end of May.

    I'm hopeful this corroborates JJB's report.
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    FINALLY!! everywhere in my area is HORRIBLE!! i cant find nething!!

    hopefully things will be picking up very soon!

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    This is GREAT news. I only have 6 2003 figures so far. It'll be great to walk into TRU and NOT see millions of Royal Guards, Taun Wes and Massiffs!
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    If I could say about FU***** time, I would. But I cant. So I'll just say yippee Thanks JarJarBinks for the good news
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    Something else I ment to say was that I am sure this is underway here. As I was just saying on my post, "Whats the newest thing you found", That the KB I was just at was selling star wars basic figures for 50% off and other star wars things for good prices. and they had most of there star wars were put in the front of the store where you walk in. and the toys r us I went to usually has a huge wall, but today there were just a few figures. This was all in Barboursville WV. I am not from there but go there in search of figures. Here in Oh the wal mart is getting low, they get pretty good stuff but they have let it get to be so there isnt much of the basic figures to chose from. I hope they start coming out with the new stuff. I am not wanting to keep having to look through old stuff I am sure everyone agrees when I say..... bring it on
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    My Wal Mart just got in one case (hopefully the first of many) of the Han Solo Hoth, Chewbacca Mynock Hunt, Flying R2 wave. The guy unpacking the case (thanks again) said that a major wave of figures is coming this month just be patience..

    btw I have to agree...the Flying R2 looks dumb.....was is with the mis colored (grey) head.....
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