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    Smile Playskool is cool...

    These sets are awesome and personally, I can't get enough of them! I don't have kids, but I originally bought these because I thought they were too goofy to pass up.
    After the first set (the Wampa), I was hooked! Anyone who says they're not interested should check out the Millenium Falcon set. It has fantastic play features regardless of what number childhood you may be having.
    If Hasbro is listening, PLEASE MAKE MORE SETS AND WHEN YOU DO, MAKE SURE THEY MAKE IT TO STORES IN QUANTITY! The only complaint I have with this line is how difficult they were to locate.

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    I would buy any playskool set they made, they are great!!!
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    I thought I'd done a Playskool poll for the main page before?

    I guess I was wrong or could have been mistaking it for this thread that I've been posting in about the Playskool line already.

    In any case Thank you THRAWN for posting this poll and having that great picture done.

    YES I'd buy it! I love the Playskool line (why in a minute).

    I posted in the other thread my list of "totally want its" from the possibilities this line could allow.

    Each set comes with a ship and some characters that support it, and an 'enemy' to fight it, hence why I included characters like a Playskool Wedge with an Imperial Fighter, and so-on.

    Anyway, THRAWN: maybe your artist friend could draw up some other Playskool versions from this "hopeful list" I attach below:

    Again, notice how there's always a group of characters that belong together with the vehicle and at least one "enemy" of the others? (Thrawn's artist friend did this by including a Rebel Soldier with the AT-AT - but a big vehicle should have 4 figures with it, like the Falcon set did. Shouldn't it? I can't get enough of these little guys!)

    I keep thinking of these other cute set ups....

    Landspeeder with Luke, Obi-Wan, Sandtrooper, Greedo

    Dewback with Sandtrooper, R2, C-3PO, Jawa

    Sandcrawler with Jawa, R5, RA-7, Gonk

    Vader TIE with Vader, Tarkin, Stormtrooper, Wedge

    TIE Fighter with TIE Pilot, Piett, Stormtrooper, Biggs

    Y-wing with Grey Leader, Ackbar, R3 Droid, TIE Pilot

    Cloud Car with Lando, Lobot, Cloud Car Pilot, IG-88

    Slave-One with Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar, Frozen Han

    Snowspeeder with Hobbie, Janson, Hoth Soldier, Snowtrooper

    AT-AT with AT-AT Driver, Veers, Snowtrooper, Leia Hoth

    TIE Bomber with TIE Pilot, Chewbacca, Snowtrooper, Han Bespin

    Lambda Shuttle with Emperor, Royal Guard, Vader, Luke Jedi

    Sailbarge with Jabba, Klaatu, Gamorrean, Bib Fortuna, Luke Jedi

    B-wing with Nien Numb, Lando General, Leia Endor, Bikerscout

    A-wing with Han Endor, A-wing Pilot, Logray, Bikerscout

    TIE Interceptor with TIE Pilot, Royal Guard, Imperial Gunner, Wedge Antilles

    Sith Infiltrator with Sidious, Darth Maul, BattleDroid, Qui-Gon Jinn

    AAT Tank with Nute Gunray, OOM-9, Rune Haako, Captain Tarpals

    2 Kaadu with BattleDroid, JarJarBinks, Gungan Warrior, Destroyer Droid

    Gungan Sub with Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, JarJar Binks

    Queens Starship with Queen Amidala, Captain Panaka, R2D2, Anakin Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Maul

    2 Droid Fighters with BattleDroid, TC-14, Daulty Dofine

    Sebulba and Anakin's Podracers with Anakin, Sebulba, Watto, Shmi Skywalker, C-3PO

    Senator's Starship with Padme Pilot, Captain Typho, R2D2, Corde, Zam Wessel

    2 Coruscant Speeders with Zam, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Jango Fett

    Jedi Starfighter with Obi-Wan, Kit Fisto, Shaak-Ti, Count Dooku

    Solar Sailor with Dooku, Poggle the Lesser, BattleDroid, Yoda

    Geonosian Fighter with Geonosian Warrior, Padme Arena Battle, Clone Trooper, Destroyer Droid

    Republic Gunship with Mace Windu, Yoda, Ki-Adi Mundi, Clone Trooper, Super Battle Droid

    Acklay Beast with Nexu Beast, Anakin Skywalker, Plo Koon, Super Battle Droid

    Hailfire Droid with Spider Droid, BattleDroid, Clone Trooper, Aayla Secura

    ...and I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of other possibilities


    [list=1][*]You can open them and toss them around without damage[*]you won't lose any parts[*]I put my Hasbro figures in delicate dioramas - these I can pick up and play with[*]they are cute, and make me feel more like a kid, while as an adult collector, I'm worried about whether re-releases have all the right accessories and paint colors -these are just simple and fun - THEY'RE BACK TO BEING JUST TOYS![/list=1]
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    Tycho, I do remember something about PlaySkools sets that you started, but I don't think it was a poll. I remember because of your references to how many new set ideas you had. I love the playskool line, and I had been waiting for something like this for a long time. It's something for the younger children to start into the Star Wars toys. I personally have all the sets released to date. I really wouldn't mind a TIE fighter, seeig as they have the X-Wing. Love the At-At sketch.
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    Hmmm, if these were available in the UK at regular retail rather than at specialist stores where the prices are high I'd say yes. Certain things just don't work like the palm talkers but these are fun items. I thought the Reek and Geonosian warior wewre among the better of the designs and Threepio turned out wonderfully. The stormtrooper too was pretty darn good design wise.
    I'd like to see something in a simialr style done in a more adult way much in the vein of Urban vinyl Hong kong style. Same comic books styling thought processes but not so much cute as simplified. clean lines and stylised interpretation.
    But as far as this line goes I hope it continues on and on. And I hope it becomes more widely available and I hope Hasbro broadens it as they mooted in the recent *confidential* survey.
    There's essentially more work design wise in characaturing the star wars galaxy than simply rendering it in miniature for the regular lines of figures. In some respects the Playskool line is a greater achievement.
    I would like to see other attack beasts done Playskool style so we get the Acklay and the Rancor and maybe the Nexu.
    I can imagine certain characters like the Jawas and tusken raiders would look good too. A mini Sandcrawler and Luke's landspeeder, A mini shuttle even. And definately a mini TIE fighter.

    But please, can we have them in the UK at regular retail?

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    I can't think of any theoretical Playskool set I wouldn't get. If they hadn't killed this line so quickly (despite the popularity--that's some good business sense there, huh?), I'd still be more excited about the Playskool figures than the regular Hasbro 3.75" and 12" lines.
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    I'd buy that AT AT set in a heartbeat. Maybe even two.

    Seriously, for all those saying "no," this really isn't just a kiddie item.

    In my experience, when I show someone my 3" collection, I get a lot of "cools" and a kind of "observation" type behavior,

    But once these things get pulled out of the kid's toy box, the whole mood changes. Their eyes light up and they can't help but reach out to play with the toys. They are irresistable.

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    These ar some of the coolest SW toys that were ever made. My problem is finding them. I found them once when the Saga line first came out. I didn't have money for them at the time. I went back the next day and only got the Naboo set. All the rest were sold out. I really wanted the Ewok set.
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    I hear you kidhuman, had I not got my hands on the Falcon playset the day it came out, I'd probably have to locate it at some online retailer.
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    My KayBee had the Hoth set with the Stompin Wampa just the other day.

    I went in to take advantage of the sale and picked up another Anakin (Coruscant) speeder for my chase-scene montage, as well as another Luminara I decided to put in an EU scene with Bariss (whenever I get enough to the point where I have an extra of her), and there was the Stompin Wampa.

    I didn't need one and my collecting buddies had theirs, so I left it.

    Someone will be glad they found it - that's for sure.

    They must have gotten the case I'd seen around Christmas: 2 Reeks, 1 Endor chase, and 1 Wampa.

    They also had more Millennium Falcons, Naboo fighter sets, and the X-wing sets in stock.

    When I got my Endor set, btw, I found it by my Mother's town, 110 miles from where I live in San Diego. There they had probably 6 or more sets of each, the Wampa & Endor Speederbikes, and twice that many Arena Battle Packs. I guess KayBee's distribution got really funky. But there it was: the motherload. At the time, all my friends who collected the Playskool already had theirs, so the only thing I bought was that one Speederbiker set for 9 bucks.

    The funny thing was, as a group the 7 of us communicate a lot about what we find, where, when, and how much of it we can pick up for the rest of the members of the group.

    Well I guess none of us admitted to having the Playskool bug until I had a few of my friends over and they saw my ships over the case where I keep my Battle of Endor thing going on for my dioramas. Then I guess we all just admitted we'd been collecting them. - And all of us would look forward to the day we'll be able to get more of them.
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