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  • The Jedi

    72 23.08%
  • The Battle Droids

    21 6.73%
  • The Clones

    178 57.05%
  • I don't plan on getting any of these

    41 13.14%
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    Which Army Builder Set do you plan to buy the most of?

    Here they come!

    The Clone Wars army builder packs we've all been waiting for!

    Just curious, but which one are you going to buy the most of?

    I kind of think I'll get 2-4 Jedi sets - use one of the Twi'lek Jedi to stand in for Master Bonderra (spelling) who fights Darth Maul (my upteenth extra Maul figure) in Shadow Hunter.

    The other ones are useful for basic Clone Wars scenes, though the human and Twi'Lek might also make nice bases for custom Cay Qel Droma and Tott Doneeta's from The Sith Wars.

    The Droids are going to be marginally more useful. However, if you're like me, you might need collumns of Super Battle Droids and regular plain-'ol Battle Droids, and limited numbers of Destroyer Droids. I think a discount sale online (or otherwise) is the best way to build your droid armies. Still, I can use more of them than the Jedi pack.

    THE CLONES: oh the clones! OK, these will NEVER be found on a shelf I'm willing to bet! Hasbro better just ship straight cases of Clone 3-packs. The main question is, are they all equally poseable?

    If the lying down guy can also be posed marching, that is, can we make 3 marching clones out of the same 3-pack, then these things are going to SELL!

    If not, I'll buy limited quantities. Probably under 10 until I learn if the Clone Trooper costume is the same for Episode 3 or not. (if not, well then I won't need to stockpile them).

    But between Kamino, and the future Clone Wars battles I want to set up from the Expanded Universe to Episode 3, plus all of the Clone Troopers lining up on Coruscant for inspection by Chancellor Palpatine and Bail Organa - I'm about ready to go Clone crazy!

    I only hope there will be enough of them out there (that remain shipping) until I get all I want.

    How about you?
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    My vote is for da Clones.
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    Likely the clones, espcially since they will supposedly be shipping them in variant colors. All white, all red, all yellow, all green, and all blue. So yeah, I'll have atleast five packs of them. But from looking at the sniping clone, no they can't stand up. They only have around 3 points of articulation each. Head and arms.

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    It has to be the clones! All versions!
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    A most excellent poll, though at first I thought it might be dedicated to the 4-pack troop builders (Stormtroopers, Sandtroopers, Endor Rebes, etc.)!

    I of course voted for the Clone Troopers!
    May the force be with you.

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    Had to vote for the clones. I'm not a big fan of the battle droids or the Super battle droids.
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    Battle Droids, it'll be nice to have SBD's that don't explode.

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    How much articulation do they have, or do they not have any?

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    I can't imagine I'd get too many Jedi sets if there's only 3 different Jedi in them. I'm going with the clones and battle droids as their ranks all look the same anyway (so buying multiple sets won't look silly in an army). Then again I probably will never find any of these as my local toy stores have yet to get a single new figure in this year...

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    I'll buy one each of the Clone variants Clean, Red?, Green, Blue and Yellow and one each of the other two. I wish the Clones weren't pre-posed though, or I'd buy more.
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