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Thread: What is this?

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    What is this?

    I was wondering if anyone knew what this might be?

    It is listed as Star Wars Lightsaber Bonus Pack w/Three Star Wars Figures

    Any help is appreciated
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    I don't really know, intrigued though. How about a package with the little lightsaber fighter guys like from e1 (Obi, Maul, Qui)..... I'm sure hasbro has some of those gems sitting around that they could repackage...

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    Curious . . . very curious. I wonder?????????
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    I read about this a while ago over at Galactic Hunter. Basically I believe it was one of those non-electronic Hasbro Lightsabers with 3 peg-warming figures in one box. There was a pic, I'll see if I can find it. And of course, GH's site is down right now.

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    So it is basically bunk?
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    I saw these today at my local KB store. I thought it was a cool way to get rid of some of the pegwarmers and the lightsabers. They retailed for $19.99 at the store I found them at.
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    I too saw them at KB today. A cool little gimmick for a child that wants a light saber and 3 figs to play with. But beyond that, not really a great deal.
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    My bad, they actually are the electronic lightsabers. So I guess it is a pretty good deal.
    UPDATE: Kay Bee Lightsaber Bundle

    Dave: Reports are coming in on a new Kay Bee Toys exclusive. Much like the four packs that have been around for the past few months, the new packs consist of three figures and Electronic Lightsaber. Unlike the previous sets, these new exclusives are sporting popular figures in place of peg warmers. So far the blue, green, and orange sabers have turned up, with the retail of $19.99 each. As of yet, there have been no reports of the character specific lightsabers in these packs.

    UPDATE: Reports are in of character specific sabers being spotted.
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    I forgot SSG, wouldn't link to GH, so here's the pic from their site, ot you can follow the above link and just change the * to an a
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