Anyone besides me collecting these? I haven't collected cards since the OT Widevision cards. But I've been having zero luck finding any Star Wars figures at retail so decided to start collecting these. TRU has a great deal going on for these, special 8 pack boxes for $9.99 ($2.00 savings) with a free Emerald Card. There are four different ones to collect, one for each Turtle. They are limited to 7,500 of each one.

The insert cards are fairly cool. 1:1 Gold Parallel Cards, 1:4 Episode Preview Cards, 1:36 Sewer Cover Cards, and 1:72 Mutant Ooze Cards. I haven't gotten any of the ooze cards yet, but the sewer covers are neat. They are actually printed on small round circles of metal. And the ooze cards from what I've seen are pretty cool, with actual ooze sandwiched between two peices of plastic card.

If anyone is collecting the cards, maybe we can set up a tradining group to help each other complete sets. I have quite a few extra Gold Parallel Cards, and a couple Preview Card doubles. Also looking for insert cards and the like, if anyone snags any doubles of those. If anyone is intrested I may post a list of what I need.


Jar Jar Binks