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    6 inch Destroyer Droid custom

    I had the POTJ 6" Destroyer Droid for quite some time now, but I always hated the accuracy level, cause Hasbro totally screwed it up (the head was wrong, the arms were hanging down, the whole upper body drooped down etc) so I finally decided to "improve" him a bit:
    1: I removed the connection piece between the upper torso and the arms, so that the arms are higher and more accurate
    2: I put a clear rubber band from the head to the behind leg so the body stays up and doesn't droop down
    3: I put the "third eye" higher, cause it was also kinda hanging down (put it in hot water, held it up and "freezed" it in cold water)
    4: I cut off the other two "eyes", made longer ones and glued them both closer to the middle (more like in the movie)

    feel free to comment
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    and a pic from the side
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    Looks awesome.

    Is there any way you could take a pic of it next to a stock one, or post a pic of a regular one, or something?

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    well I forgot to take a pic of it before I customized it, but I can look if the sirsteve archive has a pic of the original, then I'll post it for comparison
    BTW, thanx for the nice comment
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    - Tupac Shakur, RIP

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    ok, I made a comparison pic (with the boxed pic from the SSG archive) and I *tried* to show what I changed, hope you understand the arrows etc.
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    - Tupac Shakur, RIP

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    Wow dude, nice work, looks great. I wish I could do stuff like this...


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