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Thread: Guilty Pleasure

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    Guilty Pleasure

    You know, those little things in life that just make you smile.

    - Popping plastic bubble wrap

    - Popping open tubes of cooking dough

    - Licking icing off the beater/spoon.

    - The smell of a new car

    - The smell of new electronics

    What are some of yours?
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    Dr. Pepper


    The smell of my vintage Anakin Skywalker because he's in a box and wrapped in the plastic bag and he can come out whenever he wants and he still has that smell of the vintage figs woohoo

    these are the only things I have left after quiting smoking and then going on a diet so I wouldn't gain, so I don't eat really super good fatty foods either I miss them soooo much! And I miss cigarettes but not enough to die for
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    I like the way gas stations smell.
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    holding my wife

    the smell of gasoline

    petting my dog

    eating junk food

    buying new toys

    driving long distances in silence

    smoking cigs

    sleeping the day away

    driving everyone around me crazy

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    holding kidhuman's wife

    the smell of kidhuman

    petting kidhuman

    eating junk food with kidhuman

    buying new toys for kidhuman

    driving long distances in silence with kidhuman

    smoking cigs with kidhuman

    sleeping the day away with kidhuman

    driving kidhuman crazy

    baseball with kidhuman

    and of course, The Olsen Twins.

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    Power Rangers
    Torture devices
    Abnormal behavior
    Psychological fears
    Dressing bugs like rabbits
    Dressing up in costumes
    Wearing women's high heel shoes in the mall
    Dancing like a fairy
    Being annoying
    Screaming like a school girl

    I think that covers it.
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    Originally posted by Caesar
    buying new toys for kidhuman

    I will PM you my want list
    Last edited by Kidhuman; 05-04-2003 at 04:33 PM.
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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    Finding a new Star Wars toy

    Having my son with me after not seeing him for 6 years

    Fresh baked Chocolate chip cookies

    Wearing my Stormtrooper armor in Public

    The smell of clean laundry

    Having a few extra dollars in the bank

    The Cubs having a pretty good season

    The quiet sounds in the Northwoods of Wisconsin

    The smell after a spring rain

    The sound of my son saying "Hi dad, I'm home"
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    Being alone.
    staring people out and doing it without them knowing they're participating in a stare out competition.
    Waking up in the morning to find that my dog crept in during the night and slept the night on my bed and as i wake up sensing that he's been waiting for me to wake and feeling his tail wagging and knowing that he's chuffed to bits to see me.
    Getting that happy to be alive feeling while walking in the woods when the trees are newly in leaf and the birds are singing and rabbits are bouncing around and Sheep are lambing and everyone else is working or in school and i'm alone in the woods enjoying it all and can pretend it's all mine.
    Knowing that my toy collection contains many items that many other people don't have. (Definately a guilty pleasure that one.)
    walking round my house naked.
    Crying while watching soppy girly afternoon TV movies.
    watching subtitled french movies alone with no-one to walk in and ask what's happening or moan that they can't keep up with the movie and the subtitles and why haven't they dubbed the movie in english and how boring french movies are because nothing much happens and there's too much time between dialogue etc. etc. French movies rock. Best watched alone.
    Bathrooms and communal bathing areas. I have a thing about places of ablution. Can't explain it and it doesn't work if there's other people using them. Being alone in a communal bathing place is like pure luxury to me. All that expanse of tiled wall and floor and all those baths and showers i could use and choosing which one to use. Kinda weird i know but it's a guilty pleasure so i included it. It's probably a freudian thing, I especially like new places all clean and white and clinical, acres of white tiles gleaming and shiny chrome shower heads. The way a communal bathing area sounds too, echoey and sort of muffled at the same time. Perhaps it's a womb thing...
    stroking Puppy fur and silky soft, velvety dog ears. Stroking hair that soft is kind of soothing and such a singular tactile experience. Just calming and relaxing.
    Having the back of my neck tickled by someone with long finger nails. Nothing kinky, again it's just a tactile thing. Sends shivers down my spine but nice shivers. And it's more relaxing than a full body massage. Works on my head too. Just the gentlest almost non existent touch but just enough that it actually makes contact. Pure heaven.
    the feel of cotton wyncyette pajamas against my skin. Clean from the wash smelling and just after a shower or a bath and just before going to bed, that back to being a little boy feeling i get is just fab. It's an olfactory nostalgia thing as well as being a tactile thing.
    The smell of streets washed clean by a summer shower. After a flash storm with thunder and lightning and a torrential downpour, the smell you get afterwards when the streets are washed down and the trees and plants and grass are all glistening and wet, damp earth and it's sort of warm too. The atmosphere is negatively charged with ions making you feel really good and it's just perfect. Another glad to be alive feeling.
    The love i get from my other half that's unconditional. No demands, no arguments or rows, no jealousy or envy. Just love in it's purest form. Priceless. There's nothing that can hold a light to that and it's a guilty pleasure because no-one else can share it. It's mine alone. And normally i keep it to myself, carry it around with me and use it as my crutch. I'm sharing it here because now i can. :happy:

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    • Sleep
    • Cherry Coke - I'm sensitive to caffeine, so this one is UBER-rare for me
    • Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger (Carl's Jr) - Soooo good, but way too fatty to enjoy more than once every few months
    • Ultimate Cheeseburger (Jack in the Box) - See above
    • Sausage McMuffin, no egg (McDonalds) - See above, plus I'm usually asleep when they stop making it now
    • GTA:Vice City - Killing, stealing, destroying, repeating
    • Writing and editing with purpose but no boundries
    • Wanting more

    Now that I'm an "adult", I don't think there are that many "guilty" pleasures in my life. Granted, I'd love to do more with the time that I have and I'd love to have more money to do that stuff with, but I no longer feel hampered by much in my life beyond time and financial constraints.
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